PS3 Digital Release for Kingdom Hearts III from PlayStation Network

The official website of the "Kingdom Hearts III" shows a PlayStation Network logo, which this writer insists that it can be interpreted as a possible future digital release. What proof does that person have? After doing more research, "Kingdom Hearts 1.5" has the PSN logo on both the artwork cover and on the website. "Kingdom Hearts 2.5 does not." Take a look at the images or the websites. Unfortunately, nobody is sure if this digital release is exclusively for the PS4 or possibly a PS3 or PS Vita release as well.

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Dawknight3161410d ago

The hype for this game is going to be its downfall. I love the series, one of my favorite game franchises but I am going keep my expectations low.

noob_zero1410d ago

Nah. This wont be like destiny or watch dogs. Nomura knew exactly what he was doing with one and two. In fact, in one interview he was explaining how much passion and effort he was putting in KH3. I'm too sure this will deliver

Baka-akaB1410d ago

Still I do remember a previously immensely hyped Nomura project that ended very mediocre : The Bouncer .

WeAreLegion1410d ago

This is almost tabloid news.

DarkZane1410d ago

Kingdom Hearts 3 going digital is not news. Every PS4 are released on PSN now (so are vita games), it's mandatory.

DualWielding1410d ago

it´ll be news because there are some legal issues that have prevented kingdom hearts games from being released digitally so far

DarkZane1410d ago

In this case it isn't. Doesn't matter what legal issues there was.

Every PS4 and vita games must be released digitally on PSN for them to even release. KH3 being available day 1 is a given.

KH1.5 and KH2.5 will not be, but that is because there is no obligation to release ps3 games digitally.

If KH3 wouldn't release on PSN, it simply wouldn't exist, as it's mandatory.

DualWielding1410d ago

You are Sony, Square-Enix gets to you and say:" we have this awesome game that is going to move consoles especially in Japan when you are in deep trouble. Unfortunately, we cannot release digitally because Disney has us grabbed by the balls with some contractual issue. If you do not allow us to release physical only we would have no option but to release the game as an Xbone exclusive" would you say "no, no digital, no release"?

Of course Sony would have made an exception for this game if the issues with Disney or Utada or whoever is keeping the games from being released digitally could not be worked out

DualWielding1410d ago

1.5 was not available digitally so the logo means nothing.

BLuTheSecond1410d ago

My 200mb/s(down) internet tells me to laugh at you but my humanity tells me to pity peasants like you.

I think I'll laugh at you anyways. LOL

LAWSON721410d ago

Speed for some is not the issue, some of us just like having the physical copy specifically on consoles.

Muzikguy1410d ago

Even if that speed was available here I wouldn't pay their asking price.

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