PlayStation Store Update 10/7/14

Driveclub, Dust an Elysian Tale, and NBA 2K15 lead a slew of new titles for the latest PSN update.

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xHeavYx1411d ago

Aw yeah, let's download Driveclub

Muzikguy1411d ago

I would if it was there. I hope it's fixed soon!

BiggCMan1411d ago

Well the full game is there to download now, it's been there for a few hours. But the free version has not popped up yet.

pkb791411d ago

Where is the ps+edition of drive club?

Black_Adam881411d ago

DriveClub is free to ps plus members for 49.99 but seriously im not paying for that boring peace of shit free or its not free me

harv0521411d ago

So you know it's a POS without even playing it....ok...

Fizzler1411d ago

Well I never played Ride to Hell: Retribution and... well, yeah.

Black_Adam881411d ago

i i not allowed to have an opinion based on the many videos and streams that i have seen of this you kids and your fanboy defense mechanisms

Lord_Kaname1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

I mean... Are we not able to disagree with you? since Driveclub ps plus IS FREE but not up yet because of server issues. You should get your facts straight, and why are you calling it a piece of shit IF you seem to want to play it.(?)

Black_Adam881411d ago

ok kid first off what facts do i need straight? tell me what facts i have wrong last time i checked i stated pure opinion...get your facts straight. second i never complained nor did i say anything was wrong if anyone disagreed with what i said that guy decided to go up against the fact that i feel like that game is a piece of shit and it is idc how many of you fanboys get ass hurt the game is crap if you think otherwise then why bitch n wait for the free version like i am and just spend the 59.99 ? i do want to play it i play every game that is free for ps plus since it does not cost me any money there is no harm in trying it....anymore but hurt fanboys that feel like attacking with no solid ground behind there argument are welcome lol

vikingland11411d ago

I wanted to try Driveclub , what's going on?

firefly691411d ago

Wait,its not like you are going to pay for trying!

PS4isKing_821411d ago

Um actually he is since you need ps+ for the "free" edition. Ps+ isn't free you know.

vikingland11411d ago

Free is cool,but it's not in the psn store like they stated for a year now. I was looking forward to trying it out today. Hopefully soon.

firelogic1411d ago

Rainbow Moon doesn't show free either. Get your shit together sony. It's been 10 years of wonky updates at random times.