Like It or Not, Driveclub’s Reception Is Troubling News for Sony

CraveOnline: "You may have noticed this morning that reviews of Driveclub are already flooding in, populating the previously empty slots on the games’ Metacritic page that sat waiting through delays and general anticipation. Some reviews are good, some are bad, and some are mind-numbingly middle of the road, but one thing has already become clear: Driveclub, unfortunately, is not receiving universal acclaim. Its Metascore currently sits at an inoffensive 74, and if today’s wash of reviews are any indication, that’s about where it’s going to stay."

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-Foxtrot1082d ago (Edited 1082d ago )

It's up to people to make their own judgements and not listen to the majority of journalists who spend half their reviews comparing it to Forza.

Yeah those journalists which have nearly all been in those corruption "Gamer Gate" articles. Why would you latch onto every word they say.

Yeah make your own judgements by looking at Youtube videos.

darthv721082d ago (Edited 1082d ago )

and honestly, this game is likely to outsell forza on the principal that there are more PS4 owners and a great percentage have been waiting for this game regardless of the delays.

It isnt like all of a sudden, some lackluster reviews are going to make them rethink their intention of getting a new IP from the creators of motorstorm (which was itself a great new IP for the PS3).

SoapShoes1082d ago

Well it already is on Amazon. FH2 didn't sell that well on Amazon but both are fun games imo.

ghostface91082d ago

doubtful seeing is how its not very good people will just go for the free ps+ version

True_Samurai1082d ago

@SoapShoes because Amazon is the only place to buy games /s

SoapShoes1082d ago (Edited 1082d ago )

@True_Samurai - I was talking about Amazon and my comment was an observation on Where in my comment did I say it was outselling FH2 anywhere else?

Lightning Mr Bubbles1082d ago (Edited 1082d ago )

Yeah, I'm kind of losing faith in reviews, especially after Destiny.

I finally got the game, and I'm really enjoying it so far, not the doom and gloom disappointment that all the sites made it seem like. It's a very nice looking open world chill RPG shooter, maybe too chill for all the frantic first person shooter types.

Also look at Alien Isolation, the reviews are so contrasting, from sites that give it a 5 and say it's junk, to sites that give it a 9.5. Reviews are getting kinda weird, guess you gotta play the game and see it's for you or not.

Clogmaster1082d ago

Sometimes it's quite enlightening when you play a game with such crappy reviews. You tend to enjoy it more because the bar is set so low.

SoapShoes1082d ago

@D-Du | Such crappy reviews? It has only gotten 4 reviews that are a 6/10 or below and 20 reviews that are 8/10 or higher.

Xb1ps41082d ago

As a owner of both consoles I didn't just rethink about it.. I ended up getting fh2 but I get it,more ps4's so more dc sales.. It's all good both are solid games

ScaryMonkey1082d ago Show
JeffGUNZ1081d ago

@ Scareymonkey

Hate to break it to you but 74 average isn't bad, it means it's a good game. Gamers are so skewed with their review scores it's laughable. If it's not a 9 out of 10 or higher it's a flop. Xbox owners don't care about driveclub since they have Forza, so your argument makes no sense. I also doubt a campaign of xbox fanboys got together and entered into professional journalism on reputable sites just to give driveclub a good score of 74. Give it a rest man.

TheJacksonRGN1081d ago

It was in the top 10 US pre-orders list at least. FH2 wasn't.

UltraNova1081d ago

Indeed reviews are getting weirder by the day... But the notion of 'just play the game for your self' doesn't stick either because if I were to buy all the games to play them my self because I couldn't trust some reviews I'd be broke in a months time.

We have to read around and learn how to cut through the crap, then decide.

I still have faith for Angry Joe's review...I'll wait until then...

ThePope1081d ago (Edited 1081d ago )

The real question is if the reviews were say 8's across the board would you still be talking about how you don't trust reviews anymore?

No people would be praising the reviews and saying how much they agree with them. Its only an issue when you don't like the reviews. Then its MS/journalists/reviewgate/Inte l's fault. But in no, way, shape, or form is the game to blame for its poor reviews.

If you like it great! That's 100% ok. But don't pretend its anything other than the games short comings that have caused the reviews. I listen to a few podcasts by some of the guys who do these reviews, and they're stand up people. Who LOVE videogames.

Yetter1081d ago

Considering it is the only true PS4 exclusive this holiday season I wouldn't be shocked. On the other hand I think the PS+ version is probably gonna hurt sales

fr0sty1081d ago

The reviews mean nothing when all PS4 owners will be able to play it for free before buying...

memots1081d ago

its troubling news to the whole industry as it is. Every game is getting this cold reception treatment. The next gen ( current gen ) is having issues and thid could lead to trouble for the whole industry

XanderZane1081d ago

I had the game preordered, but cancelled it after reading the "14 Things You Didn't Know About DriveClub". Then once the reviews came out, I was glad I did. I'll try the FREE PS+ version and judge for myself, but most racing fanatics are saying DriveClub is an incomplete game with lackluster driving and A.I., Dumb penalities for driving off the road, no weather effects in the game until Dec, (after shoving tons of videos at us showing the weather conditions) and only 50 cars with NO American or Asian vehicles. Horizon 2 is easily better then this game. Even Mario Kart 8 is better then DriveClub. A whole 10 month delay and the game is crap. What was the game like a year prior? Then next big exclusive for Sony will be The Order 1886. Let's see if they can get that one right.

Prime1571081d ago

In terms of user reviews on meta critic I almost agree with scary monkey.

Many off the user reviews say 0 out of ten and have the same structure with very few words changed. On top of that, they mention positive aspects yet still give it a 0?

It's getting increasingly hard to get a sense of a game without actually playing it. Not many reviewers try to answer the question, "what type of person will like this?"

Time for yelp for review sites.

gootimes1081d ago (Edited 1081d ago )

Well Forza 5 is 79 on meta, 74 really isn't far from it.

Both track racers remember... I know people hated to compare FH2 to DC, I guess it's ok to compare their meta scores though.

And LBP 3 is just as much a "true exclusive" this holiday as FH2 is... Why do people change the idea of what an exclusive is so often. If it is on one console and not the other, it's an exclusive!!

nX1081d ago

Reviews are far off on this one, it's at least a 8, closer to a 9 if you rate it with the same standards that other games are being rated on. People claiming "it's not fun!" or "it doesn't have enough content!" are hypocrites who didn't even play the damn game yet, both statements are completely untrue. On GAF, lots of people are surprised that it reviewed so low after playing it for themselves, here are a few examples:
But well, it always was fun to hate on exclusives I guess, that won't change anytime soon.

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Gaming247allday1082d ago

Every Sony fanboy, and even Driveclub/Sony marketing themselves have compared it to Forza talking trash "Forza Killer" they wanted it compared to Forza though

OldDude1082d ago

That's the part that hurts, Sony used the "Forza Killer" comment... if they hadn't shot their mouths off then it wouldn't be so bad.

souga_houjou_jin1082d ago

tell turn 10 to surpass the GT franchises in overall then talk about DC until then enjoy your low selling racing semi simulator wannabe kkthxbb

16bitNutritionist1081d ago

I'm sorry but GT is shite nowadays compared to just doesnt compare to how it was when it first released on PS1 and PS2.

DoctorJones1081d ago

Pass the salt please souga_houjou_jin.

XanderZane1081d ago

Completely agree. Saying DC would be a Forza Horizon 2 killer was just dumb, especially with Horizon 2 having a solid 86 Meta score and 79 User score. Taking a look at DriveClub now, it has a 72 score (which means it has already dropped 2 points since this article) and a dismal 61 user score. No where close to being a Horizon 2 killer. Sony is eating their own words right about now. Also delaying the PS+ version of DC to try and get extra full price sales of the game is just sad.

gootimes1081d ago (Edited 1081d ago )

Actually it is comparable to Forza.

Forza 5 scored 79 on meta, DC isn't far off. Is it some kind of killer? No, but it doesn't need to be. Racers not named Gran Turismo are not mega system sellers anyways.

The journalists quote they use was not talking about Horizon. Now is Horizon a better game in general, no doubt, but racers are pretty niche in general. LBP 3 will probably be one of the more popular exclusives this year.

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Magicite1082d ago

Im pretty sure sales-wise DC gonna beat Forza 5/FH2.

DanzoSAMA1082d ago Show
gamer78041082d ago

Not if you don't include the free version

Ace Killa 081081d ago

Does it matter? Both can be good games. Personally I can say forza is a fun game. DC I wont try as I already got a racing game :( I'll try the PS+ when it goes out.

Sales don't equal to game quality it's been preached here for so long and it is true.

Jag-T10001082d ago ShowReplies(2)
u4one1082d ago (Edited 1082d ago )

In the most recent trailer they claimed it was a "Forza Killer". Even if they didn't make that quote, they certainly ran with it. Kinda seems like they asked for the comparison. Even if for some reason Driveclub sells more, it doesn't change the fact that it wasn't as well received as Forza critically, and more sales ≠ better game. If that logic were true, McDonalds would have the best hamburger in the world.

ger23961082d ago

Since it's a business, more sales trumps critical acclaim. And to some people, McDonald's does have the best hamburgers.

-Foxtrot1082d ago (Edited 1082d ago )

Who wouldn't run with it, I mean really. They didn't know other reviews wern't going to enjoy it so when they saw someone who did they used that in the marketing

How many films, books, games which are crap-average use the best quotes when marketing their products. Hell even Destiny used some at times.

If Sony came out on stage and said "This is DriveClub, it's so amazing, it's a Forza killer" then fair enough but they didn't.

People have got to stop acting like other people wouldn't of ran with it because they would.

I bet you any money if a review and I mean ONE review of Rise of the Tomb Raider said "Xbox Ones Uncharted Killer" Microsoft would run with it...and why, because it's good for marketing.

u4one1082d ago (Edited 1082d ago )


I don't blame them for running with it, and of course most people would in fact run with it; Thats promotion I don't find any fault with that. What I am pointing out is that if you are going to claim that your game A is better than someone else' game B, people are actually going to hold you to it and make that comparison. If you don't have the goods to back up your claims its going to backfire.

They asked to be compared to Forza and so they were. A majority of critics and users alike seem to disagree with that quote, apparently. Personally I agree. Driveclub is a nice enough game and I enjoy it, but it isn't a Forza killer. More importantly, people can still enjoy it even if it isn't considered better. It's still good after all.

-Alpha1082d ago (Edited 1082d ago )


All you have is baseless grasping at air. You DONT know that MS would do that with Tomb Raider, sorry. Also, we all know how most people on this site would react to that. People would lash out at MS. Of course, calling DC a Forza killer was met with acceptance.

This is an ugly double standard. They advertised the launch trailer with a really stupid comparison, and you can't suddenly blame others for making comparisons that suddenly don't go Driveclub's way. By the way, no, the "Forza Killer" quote was not the "best" quote they could have used.

Your false equivalence with other movies and mediums are no better: nobody ever calls one movie a "killer" over another. You can claim something like "best movie since X" or "best movie this summer", but no one ever says something so hostile and aggressive as "this movie kills X".

It's incredibly hypocritical that people latched on to the "forza killer" comment, even laughed at the inclusion ("shots fired lol!"), and now that the same media compares it in a way that disfavours Driveclub, you want to turn around and stop the comparisons.

I also have no doubt that the pathetically baseless accusations of conspiracies and dismissive attitude of reviewers for being "biased" would NEVER come up, if DC scored high. This is just a mob mentality: agree with us if you want us to keep quiet, but disagree and we'll suddenly talk about bias and corruption.

It's only ever a conspiracy, issue, biased, or unfair when the scores for the game are low, but most of the people complaining about the state of the review industry/journalism are nowhere to be seen when reviews go their way

It only shows how fickle and two-faced the community can be, and shows that the only people giving power to these reviews are the fans themselves, who will anticipate and use reviews to prove a game's critical acclaim, and then quickly accuse reviewers of bias when reviews don't go there way.

It's the same in which 5/10's are dismissed as illogical and inconceivable, yet a 21/20 score is praised as completely rational, and never questioned

gamer78041082d ago

Fords horizon 2 will make more $ in addition to better reviews. Still going to try out the free version but the reviews dampen the excitement a bit

MaxKingoftheWild1081d ago

@Alpha, you need to read before making yourself look silly. I see plenty of people questioning the score
from the link you provided.

DoctorJones1081d ago


Baseless grasping at air is what Foxtrot does best, it's the only thing he's good at. Pretty much every comment he makes is baseless, yet he carries on regardless and people eat it up.

That's why he does so well on n4g. It's his home.

DanteVFenris6661081d ago

Mcdonalds is definitely my fav

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Ausbo1082d ago (Edited 1082d ago )


Torque_CS_Lewith1082d ago

But trust them when they give tlou goty awards. Got it.

-Foxtrot1082d ago

Are you really saying Last of Us didn't deserve them...because it did.

Farmassy1082d ago (Edited 1082d ago )


thats not what he is saying. Don't worry, he isn't talking bad about your precious tlou... that would be heresy

he is just making the point that now a lot of playstation fans say what the critics think does not matter... even though they talk about how much critics love tlou. He is showing the hipocrisy.

Snookies121082d ago (Edited 1082d ago )

What is up with people bashing Last of Us? It was freaking awesome... One of the only memorable games that's come out in recent memory.

FriedGoat1081d ago

They bash tlou because they will never have a game of that quality on Xbox :(

Farmassy1081d ago


No one is putting down tlou. Where did you even get that idea? You are so defensive for no reason. We were just saying that when critics agree with you, people like them, but when they disagree with your opinion, they are said to be biased and wrong.
For the record, I really enjoyed the last of us. I don't think it was the second coming like some people do but it was really good. I can't play it on my xbox but I play it on my ps3. Why did this become a ps4 vs xbox thing? Y'all are way too defensive. At just the thought that someone might be putting tlou down you freak and turn it into a console thing. Calm down. Slightly pathetic

gootimes1081d ago


"Don't worry, he isn't talking bad about your precious tlou"

lol, someone is bitter over TLoU.

Farmassy1080d ago

Why would I be bitter over a game I have played and enjoyed? A game that I still own?
Even mention tlou to a ps fanboys and they get so defensive. For some reason they get mad if you mention it without praising it

I don't understand

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MrPink20131082d ago

People will make their own judegments as they should but reviewers will compare it to Forza and other racing games because that is how many base their reviews on, what the competition has done.

It's funny you say half the reviewers, that's probably still less than what we saw in the forums. You couldn't go into a Forza topic without somneone mentioning Driveclub.

When all people talk about are graphics and combine that with a review embargo until the day of release you start to question just how good the game is. I expect Sony's only real other big title left for this year, Little Big Planet 3 to get good reviews. Probabaly not in the 9's too much as the franchise is getting a bit run of the mill now. The Order is the other one next year that have many wondering if it too is all gearing up based solely on graphics to sell itself. But I expect it to get another delay.

gangsta_red1082d ago

It's getting to a critical point to where no one can say ANYTHING negative about a sony exclusive or they will be accused of some kind of bias or paid off by MS.

I remember Foxtrot congratulating some journalists who gave Titanfall a low score and saying how they didn't fall for the "hype" and yet with Driveclub these journalists are involved with "gamer Gate" or something sinister of the sort.

You just can't like a sony game anymore.

You can't pick and chose which reviewers are paid off based on your own preference of games. I didn't see you accusing half of the reviewers who gave Destiny a bad score as you do with Driveclub and other Sony exclusive games.

MrPink20131082d ago

Peoples history patterns most surely reflect on how much faith others have in their opinions. What's ironic is these people are quick to attach labels to certain review sites, get knee depp in conspiracy theories, all while ignoring their own bias comments that have followed them.

-Foxtrot1082d ago

" Titanfall a low score and saying how they didn't fall for the "hype" "

Yet ironically most people today say it was over hyped. It's always listed along with WatchDogs and Destiny (something you even said yourself was being overhyped and would be a dissapointment). By the way in that comment, or comments about the game did I ever say the game in general was shit or did I just talk about hype....yeah exactly. Don't cherry pick mate.

Why are you always the one to come on an article and cry yourself that the site is heavily Sony bias and other crap.

Don't like the site, move on. Bet you wouldn't of had that same attitude if you were a member on here back inn 2006-2008

4Sh0w1082d ago (Edited 1082d ago )

Wow Foxtrot, you are all over the place with your logic. I mean you weighed in on the Titanfall lower reviews saying they are THE ONES not buying the you're soap box ranting about reviews, "make up your own mind", but "oh yeah journalists are great when they praise TLOU" and who are all these folks who say Titanfall is overhyped? Do they own it?..or are they well known folks who constantly downplay everything X1 related?..and doesn't that go against your opening "It's up to people to make their own judgements" statement because I certainly haven't seen anything close to a consensus that the majority of Titanfall owners think as you do.  Seriously have some self respect instead of flip flopping so much. Read over your arguments in the last few posts and honestly ask yourself if you don't sound like the epitome of the word "fanboy".

JeffGUNZ1081d ago


What happened to you? I have watch you decline so much this past year it's insane. Your comments are so bias and you can't admit when you're wrong.

Titanfall, last I checked prior to Destiny, was the best selling and most played game on Xbox 1. That's pretty solid for a new IP when games like BF and COD are on the same console. Titanfall was the highest selling exclusive for the X1 so far. Titanfall met it's hype to those who actually played it. For the people who rationalize hating a console they don't own, it was overhyped to them. Titanfall was nowhere near the hype of watchdogs and Destiny's hype was a whole other world of hype.

I miss the old Foxtrot who was a little more critical of everything and not so bias. Also, that whole "if you were a member on here back in 2006-2008" stuff shows extreme immaturity. It's a child mentality to hold a grudge for that long. A lot of the Xbox owners, not all, were not on this site that long, so why take it out on them?

-Foxtrot1081d ago (Edited 1081d ago )


I don't see how I'm bias, I might seem a little towards Sonys side but that's only because they havent really p***** me off as a gamer.

I've critisized Sony when they are in the wrong or if my opinion differs.

I mentioned a while ago how I "HOPE" Uncharted 4 doesn't go too dark and I was criticized for it and one person even said I was bashing NaughtyDog.

" It's a child mentality to hold a grudge for that long. "

I'm not holding a grudge, I wasn't even on this site back then but I saw what it was like. I wasn't bothered by it because back then Sony messed up and they paid for it while Microsoft did things right.

The site reflects on whatever is happening in the industry.

In the end I comment the same as I always do, regardless of what it is I'll say something and express my feelings on it.

Silly gameAr1081d ago

No offence, but it just seems like you guys that prefer Xbox are using articles like this to vent on Sony and PS fanboys. It just looks so obvious. Even if some of you guys do make good points, with you're own bias toward your console of choice, it's hard to take you serious.

gangsta_red1081d ago

"Yet ironically most people today say it was over hyped."

And yet it still got higher scores and a better reception than Destiny did. The reason I never fell for Destiny's hype was because nothing was ever shown for it prior to the beta, unlike Titanfall which was shown and played way before launch.

I even remember you saying you were more excited for Destiny even though you didn't see a lick of gameplay compared to Titanfall.

"Why are you always the one to come on an article and cry yourself that the site is heavily Sony bias and other crap."

Because people like you always flip flop and yell foul when someone is shoving your own medicine back down your throat. You want journalists and reviewers to give new IP's a chance and to be judged by it's content and not be compared to others when it's only a Sony game. You did NOT give that same benefit to Titanfall as you bashed it in almost every article.

"Don't like the site, move on. Bet you wouldn't of had that same attitude if you were a member on here back inn 2006-2008"

Who said I didn't like the site? I love it, where else can I expose extreme hypocrites who love to deflect and dodge and then tell me about the good ol days of 2006-2008? As if that mattered.

Please express your feelings but don't get your feelings hurt when people call you out and expose your back peddling and bias.

gootimes1081d ago

I guess maybe people just like Sony more, Gangsta Red...

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mcarsehat1082d ago

No you find one reviewer that shares your opinion the majority of the time and stick with them. Not doing that is just letting marketing make up your mind for you

Torque_CS_Lewith1082d ago

I am saying it seems reviews and reviewers are worthless and untrustworthy only when they are negative towards ones preferences.
But as soon as they favour our preferences then its metacritc this and goty awards that!

Just saying, #gamergate when giving DriveClub mediocre reviews but reputable when laudi journey.
Can't have ir both ways.

kenshiro1001081d ago

Agreed 100%.

The game should have been reviewed on its own merits, not compared with Forza.

MoreRPG1081d ago

They are comparing this game to forza because the ad was making this looks like the "PS4's Forza killer" even though they are different games.

Kidmyst1081d ago

I thought as a gaming community in general, no one takes Metacritic scores seriously anymore, I sure don't so any reviewer who references them I won't even read their article.

RIP_Weazel1081d ago

This site (craveonline) seems to be fast carving out a niche baiting fanboys and fanning the flames of confrontation purely for click bait. Hmmmm....

NiteX1081d ago

Or just play the free version.