The Exclussion of Women from AC Unity: Not a Production Issue

The game came under some controversy when comments on the absence of a playable female character in the game’s co-op mode was met with the reply that including female characters would’ve meant too much extra work for those developing the game. When this didn’t go down well, Assassin’s Creed’s publishing company, Ubisoft, released a statement to gaming news website Kotaku. A declaration of equality of all kinds among its staff and past releases, the statement came off sounding instead like, ‘We’re not sexist, many of our friends are women!’ And they’re strong, too. Don’t forget it!

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aerisbueller1295d ago

It's a cross between a concussion and an exclusion.

ThisJarContainsTHC1295d ago

hey, just a rational thought but not every game requires a playable female character.

maybe I'm sexist or whatever, but more often than not, I don't want to play as a woman. That's my personal choice. I gravitate towards games with male leads or I make my character a dude if it's more like Dark Souls. There are plenty of games with female MCs they could play or use as examples to show that there are a lot of powerful playable female characters overall, but that would go against their propaganda.

sjaakiejj1295d ago

How many games that offer character creation tools can you name that don't offer the option of creating a female character? Other than AC that is.

ThisJarContainsTHC1295d ago

none to my knowledge. these people have options. they just refuse to point any of them out because it contradicts the 'message' they want to push down everyone's throat.