Platinum’s The Legend of Korra is Bent on Showing You a Good Time | Hardcore Gamer

Bending (the ability to control one of the four elements by moving your body) is obviously a large part of what defines the Avatar universe. But it’s not just some kind of generic “magic” – it follows distinct physical rules, and every style of bending is based on a real-world martial art. Airbending is based on ba gua, waterbending on tai chi, earthbending on hung gar, and firebending on northern shaolin kung fu. Opposing styles aren’t just defined by their elemental dichotomies, but by the fundamental differences in how they demand you move your body. Adapting each style into fun gameplay is an extremely technical task – one at which THQ Australia repeatedly failed when they had the license. Platinum’s experience with brawlers as diverse as MadWorld, Bayonetta, and Metal Gear Rising makes them well-suited to capturing the subtleties of the show.

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