CVG Review: DriveClub is stunning to behold, but held back by a lack of variety

CVG- In a way, the fact that DriveClub chooses to focus so squarely on pure racing is to its detriment. The social framework within which everything is packed lends itself to all kinds of potentially outlandish and interesting ways to compete, but it's only through best times and drift scores that you're meaningfully judged.

It makes for an enigma of a game. The handling is fun and accessible and the challenges give your actions greater meaning, but it's impossible not to think that it would benefit from taking itself a little less seriously.

For a game that is so modern in its approach, its forms of competition are staunchly tradition. How much you enjoy this combination comes down to your appetite for best lap times.

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SoapShoes1321d ago

I'm really enjoying it so far!

So far DriveClub has gotten 27 reviews at or higher than a 7.5, 19 reviews at or over 8/10, 4 reviews at or over a 9/10, and only 6 reviews at or below 6/10.

Ka7be1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

If you actually have the game. Why do post all review scores nonsense? 27,19 etc .
If you have the game and you like it you shouldn't care about other person's/journalist's review score. Just give us your opinion about it and thats it.

SoapShoes1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

You present a good point there but I don't see why I can't do both. I'll give a more detailed opinion once I've finished the game.

DeadlyOreo1321d ago


But we have to put up with people who don't even own the game, using the poor reviews as an excuse to say the game is garbage. It's nice that SoapShoes has put all of this rubbish into perspective, it's getting some decent reception. Can't wait to pick it up :)

iiorestesii1321d ago

@ka7be lol yes silence you, oh voice of insight and actual perspective

cloudVIIWarrior1321d ago

LOL you want to believe so bad. let the stats tell you its not a turd.

SoapShoes1321d ago

Nah I actually have the game so no need for stats. Lol just using the stats to dispel the b.s. that it's terrible in case troll start making stuff up in this section.

ballsohard20131321d ago

its not terrible... its just not all that i thought it would be. Me and the fellas playing one of their copies. I bought it with 2k15 today. Its really nice looking but its so so gameplay wise. The maps look nice though but being that i plan on getting a few more games and just bought shadow of mordor yesterday on my Ps4... its hard to justify playing Driveclub. Its about a 5 to maybe pushing into a 7 cause the graphics are that great. But this game doesnt even smell the fart of GT5, Forza or maybe even an arcade style Need for Speed.

GTgamer1321d ago

13 mixed reviews + 29 good ones= turd :/ does the game play well-Yes does it add Challenge-Yes is it good at what it does as a Racer Capital YES is it feature packed-No. okie dokie so a game that does well in all other departments especially the department that matters Gameplay is a turd? (•ิ_•ิ) thank you gaming for breeding people like you smfh.

TKCMuzzer1321d ago

Maybe you should believe, the stats say the complete opposite of what you want them to.
Why is that people who try and troll always seem to be the most idiotic.......oh hold, I think I answered my own question.

Remy_Chaos1321d ago

You give Cloud a bad name and your trolling is comparable to a turd. Oh it also goes pop.

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objdadon1321d ago

Haters gonna hate! I can't wait to get home and play! From the youtube videos it looks like just what I was expecting! Can't wait!

NegativeCreep4271321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

"The fact that DriveClub chooses to focus so squarely on pure racing is to its detriment"

Oh how dare a game that has always been demonstrated as a racing game...actually be a racing game??? The bias and absurdity in some of these reviews is almost unparalleled.

What is expected beyond and above that? A sandbox game where you drive around...looking to get into races?

Baccra171321d ago

You're quite right NC427. But to be fair Ridge Racer Type R4 had racing AND a story mode with 4 different perspectives/teams to choose from.

Spotie1321d ago

I love that game, but that was just one out of hundreds of racing titles that even had a story, let alone did it fairly well. It's not indicative of the norm.

No racing game NEEDS a story. It can be a nice touch when done right, but it's not something any racing game should be criticized for not having.

thereapersson1321d ago

That is quite possibly one of the stupidest reasons to detract from a game that I have ever read.

kamisama1321d ago

Is the ps+ version out yet

Muzikguy1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

No! I'm starting to get annoyed :/

I'm not understanding why something delayed for so long can't even get released the day it's supposed to. Unless you buy the full game, it's not out yet. Where's that PS+ version we were taunted with for 18 months? I was hoping to play after work but it's looking like a dream now. Sony, please don't let your fans down like this. This isn't looking good

gobluesamg1321d ago

Uh the 8th dude. Settle down.

Muzikguy1321d ago

Lol it's all good. I was just hoping to get it today

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