Why Let's Play Videos and Walkthroughs Are Bad For Gaming

Our modern world is filled with more magic than ever before with zombies, superheroes, and fairy tales around every corner of the mainstream media world; yet the part of mainstream media that should matter the most to us as consumers, the actual consumption of the product, has lost all it’s luster.

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TheSoundDefense1261d ago

I usually watch LPs of games that I don't intend to play, personally. If there is a game I want to play I'll avoid watching things about it until I'm done.

breakpad1260d ago

agree ..LP videos are usually for games that already have been finished and i dont watch them before..but they may kill the replayability of the game ..because when when you want to remember it , you watch a video rather playing the game ..IMO the open prebeta and pre-alpha editions which are officialy released by companies are those who spoil the game exeperience for me

cl19831261d ago

I've never seen a lets play spoil anything. You know quite well what let plays you're watching, and no one forces you to ever start the videos.

DragonKnight1260d ago

Precisely. Plus there's the fact that many people go into LP's knowing that spoilers can happen and they are prepared for that, and still others that go just FOR the spoilers alone.

qwerty6761261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

meh argument doesn't hold up.

the blame should be on the people watching not the other way around.

cause look no ones forced to watch lets play or walkthroughs

kalkano1261d ago

I only watch walkthroughs for games I've already played.

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The story is too old to be commented.