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CCC Says: "The very first thing that happens when you boot up NBA 2K15 for the first time, is play a game. You don’t get to choose your teams or anything, and there isn’t any commentary. It’s just you, your opponents, and the court. It’s like the game is saying, “This is it. This is what you bought. When all the bells and whistles are taken away, this is the basketball game you are playing.” You can’t leave unless you complete the game, like you are being asked, “Do you really want to be here?” It’s probably because the game is installing something in the background or whatever, but it still came across as a useful tool for this review as this one game gives you a look underneath NBA 2K15’s hood, so to speak."

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This guy is a cry baby saying that the game is just like last year and that the face scan is creepy.the game is not the same as last year specialy my career you can definitely see a mayor improvement over last year...Angelo I hope u don't get paid for doing reviews because this one sucks

Brooklynbully7181328d ago

Whack review!!!! Gameplay being the same is a great thing, if it anit broke don't fix it. Ai on offense is way better, you're review, rewrite it!!!!

Mackonthemoon1327d ago

Exactly! The gameplay has been great and I'm glad it's the same. MyCareer mode is so fun too

optimus1327d ago

The review is premature. He says that you are "forced" to play a game when you boot it up but I found this to not be true at all. If you press B (360) it gives you your other game mode options. Plus it indeed has commentary, except for the black top mode... still haven't gotten used to the controls since the last time I played was with 2k11... it‘s ok so far but I don't find it that different from 2k11.