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David writes: "If I had to describe Nintendo’s latest release, Fantasy Life, in one sentence it would be Level-5 takes on the Animal Crossing series."

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Knightshade1411d ago

Just popped in here to say that Tom Nook is a slumlord prick. :) Seriously though, looks like a pretty cool game.

Graey1410d ago

@ Knightshade

Uh lol.

I personally am really excited for this game. I think this and Dragon Age will be it for me this year so I'm looking forward to this.

MadeForGaming1410d ago

cant wait for Dragon Age myself

Graey1410d ago

I know. I figure they will be covering that in about another week and a half until release. I really hope they went back to the way the first one was and just expanded on some key differences to bring it back in line with an enjoyable experience.