Can you believe Assassin's Creed Unity's specs 'aren't cemented yet'?

GotGame writes: Ubisoft said the game's specs aren't finalized, but can we really believe that?

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uth111291d ago

It depends on the real reason for the graphical parity.

If it's their stated reason of wanting to avoid debates, then they could well be rethinking that about now.

If their second excuse about AI is correct, then probably no change.

If as many suspect. They don't want to upset MS who have paid for exclusive content and are comarketing the game. Then probably not, although they have to weigh it against potentially lost PS4 sales.

Mr Pumblechook1291d ago

It's six weeks from release and the game normally goes gold at four weeks. This means resolution improvements would have to be made in the next two weeks to be on-disc.

This bad move for graphical parity is bad PR for Ubisoft because it makes gamers distrust them. If there is an improved resolution on disc then it makes you wonder why they said 900p and were able to improve res in two weeks.

If PS4 resolution is increased AFTER release then there will still be the suspicion it was not done earlier so review scores could report both games looking equal.

It takes a long time to gain gamer trust and keep it.

FullmetalRoyale1291d ago

Precisely. They patched in 1080p to Black Flag after it launched, so it very well could happen again. I have a very difficult time believing either machine is anywhere near maxed out. It hasn't even been a year.

qwerty6761291d ago

kind of i guess. but people actually don't care about resolution or pixels as much as you think.

all these comment sections represent an extremely small minority of gamers so its easy to be fooled into thinking all these opinions represent the general mentality of all gamers as a whole.

which just isn't the case.

uth111291d ago

No they don't, A company could release an upscaled 900p game without saying a word, and very few gamers would realize it.

But when a company announces they are going to do this, it causes a mass uproar.

If I ran a company, I'd refuse to release these specs even if it was 1080p/60fps. I'd tell the press "If you want to play numbers, buy a calculator. When you want to have fun, then buy our game." I doubt I would lose that many sales- All the wailing and gnashing over Watchdogs and it still broke sales records.

Master-H1291d ago

I can't believe shit Ubi says. Not my fault, they've been dodgy bastards this gen, shafting Wii U owners with Rayman first, then the Watch Dogs downgrades/overhype, and now the foul stench of parity .. They do this to themselves, really.

chaldo1291d ago

They are just saying that NOW because of the backlash they received.

Williamson1291d ago

Looks like im done with AC unless things change soon.

Neo_Zeed1291d ago

Same here. With brand fatigue setting in... they have the stones to not push for the absolute best visuals they can?

Knightshade1290d ago

Which has what to do with the resolution exactly? I've played the game recently - it looks fantastic. But hey, if you two are willing to say "Yea, doesn't matter if the game is fun or looks good, if it's not 1080p, then I'm not gonna play it" then go nuts. Seems absolutely insane, but hey...

Neo_Zeed1290d ago

Why is there no "reply" link for the guy below me? @Knightshade: Visual fidelity has a lot to do with resolution. If you don't believe it... watch a VHS and then a DVD and finally a Blu-ray.

It would look even better with that extra 633,000 pixels worth of detail. The jump from SD (480p) to the lower end of the HD (720p)spectrum is 512,640 pixels. So the gap between 1080p and 900p is actually wider than the jump from SD to the first HD resolution. So nobody can claim there is no noticeable difference. Shame on them for not pushing harder to reach 1080p. If visuals and graphics weren't important there is no needed for any next gen consoles or new hardware ever. No need to ever upgrade. That of course is totally UNTRUE.

zeroskie1291d ago

I'm still interested in playing Unity, but there are so many good games coming out soon and my backlog is full as well. I'll put it on the backburner in light of this crappy paid parity thing.

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