NBA Live 15 Ask Me Anything Interview With EA Sports' Sean O'Brian

PSLS writes: I was invited last month to sit down with Sean O’Brian (@seanobs), Executive Producer for the NBA Live franchise, to have an Ask-Me-Anything style interview and to check out the improved visuals at the EA Sports Bar at EA’s Redwood Shores offices.

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JonnyBigBoss1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

I need to get this game once it comes out.

ftwrthtx1261d ago

It's a league better than last year's NBADL release.

knifefight1261d ago

I wish 2K made more sports games. Would love to play NFL 2K and NHL 2K again.

ftwrthtx1261d ago

EA needs competition but 2K would have to do better than they do with their MLB series.

SuperBlur1260d ago

they shouldn't even call themselves 2k sports anymore. All they push out is NBA , just wait , watch them drop WWE in a few years. (3-5max)