Why Don’t Cute Mascot Games Sell On Other Consoles?

When people think of Nintendo, a number of timeless—and cute—characters crop up; Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Kirby, Fox McCloud, Pikachu… the list goes on and on. From Nintendo’s humble beginnings with the original NES back in 1985 all the way to the Wii U in 2014, the company has consistently been an ambassador for cute mascot characters. The most surprising thing in 2014 however, is that they seem to be the only ones that can succeed at this now.

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uth111377d ago

There was a time when all console makers thought they needed cute mascots to compete with Nintendo, but then after the FPS genre took off, games started getting a lot more dark and gritty, and the videogame fanbase split. The people who liked the cutesy games stuck with Nintendo. The people who liked the darker games went to Sony/MS.

Abash1377d ago

The article writer needs to look up "LittleBigPlanet"

bouzebbal1376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )

i dont think we can talk about mascots anymore and i think it's regrettable :/
Other than Nintendo no brand has a super cute mascot. Sony is the only manufacturer who doesn't have a figure we can link to the brand in general.
On PS1 we had crash, PS2 we had Jak Ratchet or Sly, PS3 we had Sackboy. Other than Gran Turismo, not a single series made it through all Sony generations of consoles.
xbox has halo but that's not what i call super cute mascot

3-4-51376d ago

It can't just be "cute" has to appeal.

There isn't just ONE KIND....

What a terrible article....

InTheLab1377d ago

They do sell only not like Mario and that's because all nintendo is is a handful of cute characters.

Agent_hitman1377d ago

Only Mario can do that. :p

360ICE1377d ago

Nintendo has spent a lot of effort establishing their mascots. Sony went and sold their biggest and most successful mascots (Crash and Spyro) to Activision. Other than that, Sackboy does well. And Master Chef and Halo is sort of a mascot too.

Ultr1376d ago

Crash and spyro were never sony's property in the first place.

But yeah sackboy does indeed well :)

360ICE1376d ago

True. They failed to secure what people at the time considered to be their mascots, then. I guess one could say the same for Lara Croft, who also became a symbol for PlayStation.

Yodagamer1376d ago

Sony didn't sell crash or spyro at all. They had a deal with universal and they ended up with the rights to the games and through various mergers it ended up in activisions hand. It's probably one of the reason why sony tries to own all ips they publish.

bouzebbal1376d ago

Crash and Spyro are no mascots of the PS brand. they never came out on other consoles than PSone. are we talking brand mascot or console mascot here?

360ICE1376d ago

They were back in the PS1 era, before they went multiplatform.

bouzebbal1376d ago

Yes exactly so we cant consider them as PlayStation mascots. I agree that every console has its own but the brand doesn't.

360ICE1376d ago

Agreed. I can't remember saying anything that disputes that. At the time, though, PS1 was synonymous with the PS brand. It was the only console, after all.

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