DRIVECLUB's Manual Is Online, An Epic Barrel Roll Taped

The digital manual of DRIVECLUB is also availible online for everyone to check, showing how manuals as we know them are dated.

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Alexious1082d ago

I remember fondly when I used to read every page of the manual before putting the cartridge inside the console.
Now, however, I wouldn't even be able to read three pages before playing.

BG115791082d ago

Don't take on yourself, games are built this way now.
Most games have tutorial mode that helps the player learn the games mechanics.

Festano1082d ago

Well the tutorial also looks nice.

micx1082d ago

Eh, these manuals are a thing of past. Now there are no 3 pages to read :P

Remy_Chaos1082d ago

Not surprising but Persona 4 Arena Ultimax DID have one, such a pleasant surprise.

waltyftm1082d ago (Edited 1082d ago )

That flip was Quality stuff, really need a PS4 and this game, loved the shopping bag blowing in the wind.

jmac531082d ago

Speaking of dated, who uses the term "taped" anymore. It's not like people are using VHS to record games.

peshkavusCA1082d ago

I read manuals when I go take a long dump. Yes I take a longg dump so these type of manuals are very handy :D

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