Ubisoft Defends Assassin's Creed: Unity Graphics Lock for Parity on PS4, Xbox One

UPDATE 7/10/14 11.40am: Ubisoft has told Eurogamer that Assassin's Creed Unity's final technical specifications for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are actually still to be locked down.

With around six weeks to go until the game's launch, the developer revealed in a new expanded statement that there was still room for things to change.

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-Foxtrot1292d ago (Edited 1292d ago )

Is this them going

"Shit, our plan has backfired...lets say it's not locked day so we can do a 1080 patch or something later on"

Seems like backtracking

Neonridr1292d ago

lol, perhaps. Obviously it did cause quite a stir didn't it? Maybe Ubisoft was worried about all the $$ they would lose from PS4 fans who would boycott the game over the resolution.

Eonjay1292d ago

I think them saying that they wanted parity to avoid debates was probably the most shortsighted decision of the year. I don't understand how one comes to that conclusion.

Neonridr1292d ago

@Eonjay - yeah, even if that was the case, you would think they would have worded it differently to not sound like they were playing favorites.

That being said, I wouldn't be surprised to see a patch come out for the PS4 to bump up the resolution.

angelsx1291d ago

It's too late Ubi.Preorder cancelled.Sorry

Thatguy-3101291d ago

People can trounce the Playstation community all they want but one things for sure and that's that it's a very vocal group.

Father__Merrin1291d ago

it's not just resolution

it should have better overall settings on every field, of they make a ps4 game and not an xbox game more people will buy it

I wish ps4 much like ps2 accelerates forward to such an extent that no one will bother with parity anymore

this parity is nonsense I can't wait till devs leave this rubbish idea.


Gaming247allday1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

This resolution thing and this whole topic is getting out of hand in my opinion, we have people thinking its some conspiracy, or that Microsoft is somehow involved when the Ubisoft guy probably made a comment he shouldn't of made, a mistake and the Media took it out of context and ran with it, thats my opinion anyways

no conspiracy, no lies, just a mistake that the media overblown because Resolutiongate brings in the money for them with all the clicks, controversy drives the media and any time they can create controversy, they will, classic case right here and your all buying into it again

thekhurg1291d ago


Out of context? Did you not read the quote? There was no other way to take it.

MRMagoo1231291d ago


It's not a conspiracy it's obvious MS was involved, every game they released on ps4 and xbone was better performing on ps4 , now this AC unity game that is partnered with MS comes and it's in parity, if you don't see that as very very fishy I don't know what to tell you.

SMcNu7151291d ago

Eh, if it's one thing I learned, the people who complain about resolution tend to be the extremely vocal minority. In the grand scheme of things, (while I may not agree with it), parity may not be the worst decision.

Think of it the other way around: Why punish the Xbox owners?

Let the developers make the game the way they want. Who knows, we don't make games, so we have no right to say what they are doing is wrong. Maybe, just maybe, they weren't lying about the AI?

Call me crazy but I'll take the 900p and large bustling city over the 1080p ghost town. (A bit of an exaggeration yes, but you get my point)

internationterrorist1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

I don't think ubisoft is stupid. I think that they know the sh#t has hit the fan. I think Ubisoft will bump up the PS4 version of AC.U. I don't know if it will be 1080P. But they will raise the resolution of AC.U some. Even when PS4 games and X1 games are at the same resolution. The PS4 version is always superior. Sniper Elite 3 and Aliens isolation both prefom horribly on x1 at 1080P and are vastly inferior to the PS4 version. So I'm assuming the same for AC.U the PS4 version has more headroom that the x1 version so it can be bumped up some without preformance drawbacks.

If Ubisoft don't raised the resolution on AC.U . The are going to loss alot of PS4 customers.

Neonridr1291d ago

@internationalterrorist - Alien Isolation doesn't perform "horribly", but there is a more noticeable frame dip when the action gets a little more hectic.

Don't make it out like it's unplayable or something. But yes, the PS4 version performs much better.

Chrischi19881291d ago

Lol at Ubi, they really dont have many friends in the scene anymore^^

Xsilver1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

("Final specs for Assassin's Creed Unity aren't cemented yet," a Ubisoft spokesperson explained,)

Yup it's gonna be 1080p on PS4 they basically confirmed it gotta love how gamers have the power :D. and Congrats Ubisoft you totallllllllllllllllly avoided Debates/s.

internationterrorist1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

Neonridr @

Digitalfoundry "performance feels shakier on Xbox One - judder is a regular issue and controller feedback is also affected by the uneven frame delivery. Combat is best avoided, so Alien: Isolation doesn't require twitch response, but up against a surprise attack the extra level of consistency on the PS4 certainly has its benefits over the less stable Xbox One code.

Indeed, the situation is pretty interesting: Creative Assembly has targeted parity in terms of resolution and graphical fidelity across both consoles, but in doing so has incurred a performance hit on the Xbox One. Perhaps lowering resolution might have worked out as an acceptable compromise in order to achieve a more stable frame-rate. The dimly lit environments and layers of post-processing are likely to reduce the appearance of scaling artefacts, while the game's aesthetic is drawn towards softer imagery in order to create a distinct, filmic look which doesn't rely heavily on raw crispness.

At this point the PS4 has the advantage,"

When frame rates effects you a ability to play the game that is horrible. DF said you should avoid the combat on the x1 version.

I love how the xbonefanboys are implying that everyone is paranoid. That people believe Microsoft is behind this or Microsoft pay to gimp the PS4 version. I don't think that is the case. I think that Microsoft is a business partner with partner with Microsoft and Sony. Ubisoft did not want to upset Microsoft fan based. So for the sake of maximizing profits. They decided on parity on both consoles.

[email protected]

No one said PS4 is uber powerful. But it's more powerful than X1 and has 50% more GPU cores. Most multi platform games are have higher resolution or and better frame rates than X1. It's only logical to think that PS4 version would have higher resolution than the x1 version.

DragonKnight1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

People completely miss the point.

The resolution is a secondary concern for PS4 users. If the game came out at 900p just because, then we wouldn't be as upset even though it would still suck.

No, the true problem is the issue of parity. It's the same issue PC gamers have. There is no legitimate reason for parity to be a consideration, especially parity with the Xbox One considering how poorly it's doing in comparison with the PS4.

The thing we're upset about is the complete lack of consideration Ubisoft has for the PS4 userbase. So everyone thinking PS4 users are upset by the resolution are missing the point of why.

@SMcNu715: Why punish the Xbox users? So let me get this right. If the game used the full capabilities of the PS4 and tossed parity in the trash, Xbox One users are being punished? It's not Ubisoft's fault that the Xbox One is underpowered compared to the PS4, it's Microsoft's fault. Xbox One users wouldn't be punished, they'd be having to deal with what they've bought. Your comment makes no sense and basically says "it's ok to punish the PS4 userbase."

Death1291d ago


Parity is a two way street. I don't see any support for Kinect in any multiplatform games coming out. Since PS4 doesn't offer the same experience, it gets cut out completely. PS4 fans want everything or they throw tantrums. It's been this way for a long time. The only thing this latest s#!tfit is going to do is make it so devs focus on 1080p native over texture quality and AI. Look at Drive Club. It's the latest and greatest from Sony and it features gorgeous graphics and a stale feature set and limited AI. All style and very little substance.

starchild1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

It doesn't matter what Ubisoft says or how well they explain their development process or the real reasons for the resolution parity, all the fanboys are going to continue to believe one offhanded remark made by a single Ubisoft employee.

I guess most of you also believe the game is going to be 1080p and 60fps, right? After all, a Ubisoft employee also made a remark about that.

When are you guys going to wake up and realize that these people are only human, like us. They make mistakes, they say things that aren't true. I've known for a very long time not to take these kinds of non-official comments too seriously. They aren't reliable and they are often the result of the fact that the person being interviewed actually doesn't know the answer to the question so they come up with something they think sounds reasonable.

The game was very likely never going to be equal on both platforms. Just because they might have parity in terms of the resolution doesn't mean they were equal in other ways. Does one have screen tearing? Does one run with a more stable framerate? Does one have graphical advantages over the other one apart from resolution? We simply don't know the answer to these questions, but I have every reason in the world to believe that differences like these between the two do exist.

I guess it's easier to jump to conclusions and start hating.

RegorL1291d ago

@Death, there are two problems with Kinect
1) What to use it for?
2) It takes resources from the already strained Xbox One

If any developer would find THE KILLER USE for Kinect they would go for it. There is a pool of money waiting for the first really innovative usage... [who wouldn't want to own the game that really shows off your expensive Kinect sensor - redoing stuff that can be done using wiimotes don't count]

But it needs to be a fantastic idea to be wort it. The XBox One does not need a questionable feature that further reduces its graphics/cpu performance...

Neo_Zeed1291d ago

They still have to worry about that. Until they decide to actually fix the issue and give us full 1080p. They aren't getting anymore of my money for anything less than that.

DragonKnight1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

@Death: Your continued descent into obvious fanboyism makes your ability to argue a point increasingly poor.

"Parity is a two way street."

By definition it isn't. Parity ALWAYS requires someone giving something up, it never requires someone receiving something that wasn't taken from somewhere else. When you have only one side making a compromise, then it's only a one way street.

"I don't see any support for Kinect in any multiplatform games coming out."

And how much support do you see for the PS4 Camera and the Move controllers? None. How you can come to the conclusion that no Kinect support must obviously mean "because the PS4 doesn't have a Kinect" is extreme ignorance. No one has ever wanted Kinect. The 25 million units it sold as its 360 iteration were almost exclusively due to the fact that it was bundled. Kinect games in general are almost universally poorly done, and Kinect support for non-Kinect games is inconsequential to the overall experience. Kinect's failures are its own and have nothing to do with Playstation.

"PS4 fans want everything or they throw tantrums. It's been this way for a long time."

Careful, your fanboyism is showing. Wanting your console to output at its fullest capabilities and not be hampered by a lesser console is not "wanting everything." It's actually having the expectation that you're able to use what you paid for as advertised.

You actually expect anyone to think "Hmm, well what I bought can outperform what this person bought, but I'm so happy that this random third party decided that I shouldn't be able to use my product to its fullest so that the person with the weaker product doesn't feel bad"?

Life isn't the Feel Good Olympics. A perfomance car isn't mechanically locked to be on par with a budget vehicle, nor should it be.

"The only thing this latest s#!tfit is going to do is make it so devs focus on 1080p native over texture quality and AI."

Bull. If you really think the A.I. is the problem making AC:Unity be gimped on the PS4, you're frickin' naive as hell. I don't know how many people have to tell you that graphics and A.I. are independent of each other in terms of resource use, but I'm sure it'll continue happening.

"It's the latest and greatest from Sony and it features gorgeous graphics and a stale feature set and limited AI. All style and very little substance."

What kind of A.I. are you expecting out of a driving game? The mechanics of all driving games are painfully simplistic, there's only so much you can do to make "driving in an elaborate shape or line" look smart. Plus, Driveclub is a SOCIAL racer. The point isn't to play against A.I., it's to play against humans. That's the foundation of Driveclub. That's also why it's a free-to-play title. It's also the first racer on the PS4 trying to do new things, and you're expecting an end of gen experience. In fact, the chief complaint about the A.I. isn't really the A.I., but how the A.I. makes the "clean driving" mechanic much more difficult than it should be.

Remind me again who it was you said "wants it all" and "throws a tantrum" if they don't get it?

@Starchild: Please, explain to the class why we shouldn't take the word of a producer on the game, who staked his name on the comment he made, but we SHOULD take the word of an unnamed Ubisoft spokesperson doing damage control. I'd LOVE to see the logic you come up with.

ThanatosDMC1291d ago

Those pre-orders being canceled must have changed their minds. They shouldnt have said anything in the first place.

miyamoto1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

now you are talking, brother ^_^

anyways, like the #dealwithit controversy this is another case of "slip of the tongue" expose
first with Adam Orth it was "always online"
now with Ubisoft its the word "parity"
and we all know which side of the force is the proponent of that "parity clause" thingy
looks like the Xbox One will never catch a break no matter what happens


"People can trounce the Playstation community all they want but one things for sure and that's that it's a very vocal group."

Never in the history of gaming have I seen the gamers amassed so much power to dictate the outcome of gaming. Only now. The change is astonishing. Gaming media used to have that power to stir up the community but now that power is in the hands of the gamers. And boy was it for the better.
Power to the informed gamer consumer!!!!

ITPython1290d ago

@SMcNu715 - Why punish the xbox owners?? What the hell are you talking about? The game isn't any better on the XB1 due to priority. Whether the PS4 version gets held back or not, the XB1 is getting the same exact version it would have always got. Parity doesn't help anybody (besides MS) and only hurts the PS4.

XB1 owners knew full well that the XB1 was the underpowered console and they still made the decision to buy it. If they can't handle the fact that games will always perform and look better on the PS4, then that's just too bad. The only ones being punished here are the PS4 owners.

Knushwood Butt1290d ago

Tempted to make a comment about the cloud but can't seem to put it into words that wouldn't be interpreted as blatant trolling.

morganfell1290d ago


"It's not Ubisoft's fault that the Xbox One is underpowered compared to the PS4, it's Microsoft's fault."

You are dead on the money. People must be forgetting Redmond's own words:

gangsta_red1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )


"The resolution is a secondary concern for PS4 users."

HA! BullSH**! It's the only concern you fans have, Ubisoft gave out a reason and explained why the res is currently as it is and you all just simply refused to believe it despite the fact that its a game completely being made from the ground up specifically for the new systems featuring some options not found in previous AC titles.

You all rage more about resolution than actual gameplay and then if a game isn't up to par with the artificial hype you created you are back on these boards blaming MS for gimping the game or paying whoever to make the game crappy.

You guys act like Ubi took out design features, game modes, extra players and other real design and gameplay options because of the Xbox One and it's not true at all. In fact you have no idea what the development was like for this game and what needed to be sacrificed to make it work on each system.

This whole term of under performing and less powerful system is hilarious when all the games play the exact same way on each system.

The fact that everyone is more concerned about what the resolution is more than if the game is actually good just lets devs know that we care little about new IP's, new game ideas, features and if the game is actually fun. Sony fans just want theirs to look prettier than the X1.

And because of this we should all just accept an endless stream of the same old AAA IP's with cut content for DLC and microtransactions from here to eternity.

DragonKnight1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

@gangsta_red: "HA! BullSH**! It's the only concern you fans have..."

Yeah, one guy who actually is a producer on the game and is named said it was for parity, another anonymous spokesperson sent an email with a bullsh*t reason that you Xbox fanboys are taking as the gospel truth no matter how stupid it sounds that A.I. which is a process handled by the CPU is somehow magically affecting resolution, which is a process handled by the GPU. Being made from the ground up for next gen consoles actually works AGAINST your argument, not for it. The very idea that a game made for a console that has put out games at native 1080p suddenly being unable to do so because of A.I. reeks of that dookie, and you're gobbling it up right at face value because it means the PS4 version is gimped for the failure that is the Xbox One. The reason for the backlash is WHY it's 900p, not THAT it's 900p and the reason why isn't because of the CPU. Only an idiot would ever buy that obvious PR spin B.S.

"You all rage..."

Are you dense? We know what kind of gameplay AC games have. What do you want us to complain about? Did the gameplay suffer a parity gimping? No? Then stop bringing up irrelevant garbage. And use your brain for a second. What sense does it make to make the PS4 version on par with the Xbox One version when the Xbox One is in the losing position? It doesn't, not without a truck load of cash. And again, if you believe that CPU garbage, go sub to MisterXMedia if you haven't already.

"You guys act..."

Uh, resolution IS a design feature. A feature they gimped on the PS4 to spare you Xbox fanboys from crying that your console once again can't handle the games of this gen. You can try to dismiss the legitimacy of rallying against parity by goal post switching to other features, but everyone has the right to complain about a developer saying "yeah, we know the PS4 is more powerful, we're just not going to use it to its best potential because the Xbox One fans will cry." Those complaints are no less legitimate than complaining about what YOU think is important.

"This whole term...."

Which is completely irrelevant. When one buys a superior product, they don't do so so that it DOESN'T perform at its absolute best. Just because a Ferrari and a Station Wagon both have 4 tires and a steering wheel, doesn't mean you drive your Ferrari like a Station Wagon.

"The fact that.."

Again, it's WHY the resolution is what it is. Why. Not what, but why. And umm, who says that caring about that and gameplay are mutually exclusive? Is it beyond your ability to conceive of a situation where people have priorities and actually have to see a problem before complaining about it? Are you going to show me a video where the gameplay underperforms because of a parity gimp or just because the game sucks, or are you going to bring up irrelevant B.S. because you don't have a legitimate point?

"And because of this we should all just accept an endless stream of the same old AAA IP's with cut content for DLC and microtransactions from here to eternity."

Oh yeah, I'm so sure that saying "we want you to use the PS4 to its fullest capabilities" translates to "we want shallow games." Xbox fanboys have the weakest arguments I've ever seen. Look, you buy an inferior product, you waive all rights to b*tch about it being inferior. You want to play substandard stuff, feel free to do so, but stay out of the way of people who know that parity helps no one but the petty.

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spacedelete1291d ago

i wouldn't be surprised if this was planned all along to get free advertising. they said they wanted to avoid discussion from fanboys but that happened anyway. its very sneaky tactic.

OB1Biker1291d ago

Or they still not sure xbone can have a stable FPS and could be downgrading both further
Kidding XD

Assassingamer1361291d ago

@SMCnu actually we do have a say in it. There job depends on our purchases. They lose sales they are out of buisness. If we aren't happy about something and we know its wrong, then we aren't just suppose to take it up our butts and say its okay. We buy the games with our hard earned money, they depend on us

Kavorklestein1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

See that's the thing.. is that people would rather boy cott a perfectly functional game over some freaking pixels, and would rather get people fired instead of focus on enjoying the rest of the content OUTSIDE of gfx to enjoy in their video games. If you like what you've seen in the Trailers for Unity, then go buy the damn game. If you like the glimpses you've had at the game from Ubisoft so far, and if you are a fan of the Assassin's Creed series, then buy the game. This political side to gaming and the miniature politicians we have in the gaming industry have been ruining people's fun for long enough. If you think you will enjoy a game, then go enjoy it! I remember people used to download demos to get a taste of what to expect for upcoming games... now they focus on graphics more than ANYTHING based of hardware they THINK they are somehow the creators of. It's a console! It's a game! Go play them! Quit shitting all over everyone's breakfast just because YOU like you bacon cripsy instead of slightly crispy. It's still Bacon! Are you gonna disown your family just because your mom forgot to cook your bacon up to your micromanaging, fit throwing, whiny ass standards? I mean how will you ever know how good it tastes if you never take a bite?

Too many people are throwing riots, and extorting devs into submission by saying stuff like " Well I just won't buy it unless they do_______" or stuff like: "We won't freak out if the devs do ________"

It's not your decision to make, since you aren't the developers! What if they decided they didn't want to make a PC version? Sure it would suck but people would have to deal with it! What if they decided to completely scrap Unity all together? We'd have to deal with it! It's their game, and if they think Parity is a solution, and you don't, then oh well, deal with it, or don't!
Go ahead and miss out on a perfectly good game! Not my loss if you let politcal bullshit dictate whether or not you choose to have fun!

But if politics are gonna be more important than trying to enjoy games, then entertainment is DOOMED. We used to not be able to play games as beautiful as even the 900p version of Ac Unity... now people are mad that the devs are making sure we ALL enjoy the exact same game in the exact same way.. talk about a group of ignorant crybabies. The online chatroom/gaming world/community gets more sad and pathetic every day.
If you guys care THAT much about slight graphical differences, then perhaps you're all gaming for the wrong reasons. Don't get me wrong, graphics matter, but they DON'T matter THIS MUCH.

TruthInsider 1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

@Kavork you are an idiot who completely misses the point.

We don't give a crap about 900p, it's the fact that PS4 has been held back because of the Xbox.

Isn't it amazing the only people who think it is fine are Xbots.
Would Xbots be fine with it if their game was held back to have parity with the WiiU?

No, you'd all be crying on YouTube & Twitter as usual.

I also love how Xbots say Sony made this gen all about resolution lol.

Again, NO! Microsoft made it all about resolution by failing to hit 1080p on their next gen console time & time again.
Sony are bad because they made their console hit the full HD standard. LMFAO!

Christopher1291d ago

***Seems like backtracking***

It's not. It's just a statement to get people to back off and forget it. Remember when Titanfall was going to get 900p or even 1080p post release? Yeah, people shut up about the 792p resolution real fast when they made that statement and stopped talking about it.

Someone remind me what the current resolution of Titanfall on XBO is again?

If you don't believe me, here's the article from March:

It's over half a year later and none of that came to fruition.

Baccra171291d ago

Do you think we'll have this same situation when it comes time for Far Cry 4 to come out? I think so.

Christopher1291d ago

Parity will become the norm unless we speak out against it.

Baccra171291d ago


I completely agree and fully understand. What I'd liek to know is when will people start the ruckus on parity for the next Batman game? WB went on record saying they were going for parity with that game. The ruckus needs to be started now for that too so we aren't doing this down the road later.

Christopher1291d ago

@Baccra17: That could be read as they are aiming for 1080p and at least locked 30fps on both. If they aim for that and achieve it, then I'm not sure we can complain too much. It's not like the PS4 can push 1440 and 60fps depends on the game and whether they can lock that down or not.

Neonridr1291d ago

@cgoodno - so as long both games are 1080p then your so called "parity" issue is non-existant? Makes sense.

Again, I can't wait when a first party Sony game is only 900p because it pushes too many effects on screen. Will that be acceptable because it's a first party game?

Or is it 1080p or bust for you this generation?

Christopher1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

***@cgoodno - so as long both games are 1080p then your so called "parity" issue is non-existant? Makes sense.***

Nope. I'm saying that going above 1080p is out of range for both systems. But, 1080p is much easier to achieve for the PS4 than the XBO.

You are associating me knowing the limitations of the hardware to me trying to say that parity isn't an issue as long as it meets some personal criteria. That's not true.

***Again, I can't wait when a first party Sony game is only 900p because it pushes too many effects on screen. Will that be acceptable because it's a first party game?***

Getting petty now, are we?

You see me defending the power of the PS4 as if I'm personally invested that Sony IPs deliver the best quality on some specific metric values. I'm not invested, I'm just not stupid either and recognize hardware potential and think it's being held back for no reason other than management doesn't want to see a discussion on it.

I mean, seriously, just check my comment history. Do you see me just blindly defending Sony? I recall getting lots of disagrees for not wanting remakes, for not caring for TLoU, for not caring to much for The Order. Heck, the games I talk about are primarily third-party here. I'm not sold on first-party titles on either side so far. It's third-parties that are delivering for me.

But, hey, obviously I'm truly invested in making sure Sony always does everything to some imaginary values I've determined them to be able to achieve at all times? This has nothing to do with Sony or MS, this has to do with Ubisoft and their management decisions and how it affects a large portion of their consumers.

***Or is it 1080p or bust for you this generation?***

Like it or not, 1080p is a value to which the quality of games will be measured from hereon out. And this isn't about meeting 1080p but about holding games back when we know there is more potential there.

Again, we didn't just upgrade hardware for better AI. We upgraded our hardware for better graphics as well. To ignore this is to accept ignorance on your part.

starchild1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )


Give me a break. You don't even know if there is parity in this game, and now we are supposed to freak out and worry about future games? You guys are ridiculous.

Alien Isolation is the same resolution on the PS4 and Xbox One, but does that mean that they there is parity across the board? No, there isn't. And there very likely isn't parity between the two versions of AC Unity either.

I have a PS4 and I would be upset if I thought forced parity was actually happening, but I don't. I honestly believe some of you are jumping to conclusions and flipping out prematurely.

Don't you guys remember in past generations (especially last generation) when developers would often say things about shooting for parity? Well, it virtually never happened. There were almost always advantages for one version or another. And that was a generation where the two consoles were very close in power. If we were ever going to see graphical parity in multiplats it would have been last generation. But we didn't see it. And we sure haven't seen it this generation either.

In interviews developers don't want to alienate a portion of their fanbase. This is why they try to be diplomatic and say things about delivering the same experience across all platforms. This comment was likely along those lines.

Christopher1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

***You don't even know if there is parity in this game, and now we are supposed to freak out and worry about future games? ***

Worry, yes. Freak out, no. Having discussions on a submission about parity is not freaking out. Freaking out is me running off starting some campaign against Ubisoft and anyone else who I believe is holding back either console. I'm not doing that. I'm discussing the topic at hand based on my opinion and the information I have at hand that has led me to that opinion.

You can choose to hide your head in the sand. Up to you.

And, also, you also don't know if there is parity in this game, and yet you want me to give you a break?

What I have is evidence, both their original quote on the situation as well as every single other game released on the consoles as well as by Ubisoft this generation. What you have is a single PR statement that attempted to make it look like their previous statement was a misunderstanding.

To me, that evidence lines up pretty clearly with them not working to maximize the hardware, which they said they did, but working instead to ensure that both were equal and that is it.

***Alien Isolation is the same resolution on the PS4 and Xbox One, but does that mean that they there is parity across the board?***

Logical fallacy.

Neo_Zeed1291d ago

Yes... if we don't speak with our wallets. Cash is all Ubi cares about. We have to show them the cash they failed to get from us is greater than the amount MS paid them to sell out their dignity.

Ubisoft will do this with all of their future games if we allow them to get away with it here and now.

starchild1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )


Ok, cgoodno, if you think you aren't freaking out, good for you. If going around in every single related article and jumping to all kind of irrational conclusions and spewing nothing but hate and venom at Ubisoft, Microsoft and anyone that disagrees with you isn't freaking out I don't know what is.

In fact what you are doing is ignoring all the facts at hand and instead latching onto any absurd conspiracy theory or fanciful scenario you can come up with.

You said: "What I have is evidence, both their original quote on the situation as well as every single other game released on the consoles as well as by Ubisoft this generation."

That comment leaves me scratching my head. The actual evidence is this:

1. One comment from a Ubisoft employee (game director) that wasn't entirely clear to begin with. Those saying the meaning was crystal clear are full of it. He goes on to talk about the game being CPU bound on both consoles.

2. One official statement from Ubisoft saying that the employee's comment was incorrect or misunderstood.

3. A history of Ubisoft games that have always shown significant differences between platforms. Just to give a few recent examples, both AC4 and Watch Dogs had better graphics and resolution on the PS4, and the PC versions had graphical enhancements above either console version. In fact, I'd say that Ubisoft's games are among the most UN-equal games I've ever compared across different platforms.

4. No evidence that the game is identical in other areas of the graphics or performance. You guys just assume that there is parity across the board because all you guys can think about lately is resolution it seems.

My position looking at that evidence is that we have no reason to freak out or even be worried at this point. Ubisoft's official statement on the matter makes more sense to me and is more plausible when I consider the technical aspects of this game, as well as the normal dynamics of this industry.

Basically, it's one man's offhanded remark weighed against an official statement from Ubisoft, a history of non-parity in multiplats and a lack of evidence of parity in this particular instance in areas other than resolution.

The evidence clearly supports, at the very least, a wait-and-see approach. Although, I think the evidence actually makes it most probable that the game will not be equal on both platforms and all this hate-mongering and fear-mongering is for nothing.

-Alien Isolation is the same resolution on the PS4 and Xbox One, but does that mean that they there is parity across the board?***

Logical fallacy."

Nice argument. How is that a logical fallacy? I pointed out that just because there is parity in resolution doesn't mean that both versions are equal in other ways. It makes perfect sense and is very relevant to what we are talking about.

Many people did in fact freak out in a similar way when they found out that Alien Isolation was the same resolution on both consoles. But lo and behold the game is not identical on both consoles. The PS4 version has graphics and performance advantages that account for the extra graphics horsepower.

Now, without evidence that there is actual parity between the PS4 and Xb1 version, you guys are going around acting like it is a fact and basing all your conclusions and reasoning on that supposed fact.

Christopher1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

***If going around in every single related article and jumping to all kind of irrational conclusions and spewing nothing but hate and venom at Ubisoft, Microsoft and anyone that disagrees with you isn't freaking out I don't know what is. ***

Show me where I've done this. I provide my opinion. I say nothing hateful or venomous about Ubisoft and I've said nothing about MS in this matter. I've said that this issue is with Ubisoft and not the XBO or MS.

I think you're trying to turn me into a fanatic because you have no argument but instead want to paint people who disagree with you as lacking in the ability to calmly think and debate the issue at hand.

***One comment from a Ubisoft employee (game director) that wasn't entirely clear to begin with. ***

It was 100% clear. No one took it to mean anything different. Everyone had the same reasoning on it. There was no confusion at all about what was said.

***One official statement from Ubisoft saying that the employee's comment was incorrect or misunderstood. ***

They said misunderstood. PR for gaming companies also are the most reliable people out there and have no invested interest in making sure any quotes that have a negative connotation aren't cleaned up afterwards.

***A history of Ubisoft games that have always shown significant differences between platforms.***

Until AC Unity.

***No evidence that the game is identical in other areas of the graphics or performance.***

You're trying to feed me pipe dreams here.

***My position looking at that evidence is that we have no reason to freak out or even be worried at this point.***

I'm not freaking out. You can say it a million times, it won't make it true. I mean, you are the one who followed me from one article to another to comment directly to me... If I'm freaking out, you are just as culpable of such a thing as I am.

And, I will continue to worry about the issues that affect the gaming community. I have a desire to see gamers get what they deserve rather than being mistreated by companies. If you don't care or want to worry, that's your prerogative.

***Nice argument. How is that a logical fallacy? ***

Look up the definition. Just because another game is equal in performance on both consoles doesn't mean that they were done due to parity, let alone has anything to do with the current topic we are dealing with.

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Ra30301291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

Did they backtrack? I didn't care enough to read the article because for me it's to late for Ubisoft. Any developer or publisher that gets in bed with Microsoft and pulls a stunt like they did just proves that their infected with the greed disease and I need not be part of feeding their problem.

CertifiedGamer1291d ago

PS4 fans have a good reason to be upset over this specially since they never gave console parity last gen between PS3 and 360. The 360 always had the better version and fans regardless of what happened accepted it, if Ubisoft would have done console parity since last gen then fans would have been more accepting of this action from Ubisoft because it would have been consistent themselves, but going to next gen then out of the blue deciding parity is okay is hypocritical and thats not how things work. Ubisoft can go suck a d!ck for making that statement. I cancelled my pre-order and am making the game a rental from gamefly to send them a big F U for this.

Muzikguy1291d ago

This parity stuff is crap. I really like seeing people being vocal about it. There's literally no reason it should exist, none! All these lies from devs and publishers lately is just getting insane. Maybe part of the excuse to use parity is to put in less work? I mean, we're already getting half the game and raped in DLC. I just thought of that. Then that would question the validity of all that talk last gen about wanting new hardware to push more and move forward. Seems to me more are wanting to do less and charge more. Doesn't matter the reason anymore, Ubisoft isn't getting my $. Previous Sony consoles were weaker and we got the bad ports and badly optimized games. There's no excuses IMO

iNFAMOUZ11291d ago

there is no plan, both consoles are weak, get over it, your starting to sound demented the bunch of ya

XanderZane1291d ago

Sounds to me that the games will still be exactly the same with the same resolution. Whether it's 900P or 1080P. I don't think they will change their thinking on what they want to accomplish.

Mornzie1290d ago

I'm starting to worry about The Division, i was really looking forward to that too.

ChickenOfTheCaveMan1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

They're a big fat mess. How can they deny the parity lock after what they did with the PC version of Watch Dog.

They should own it and live with the consequences or the smartest move would be to give the most of what each platform, then it's really a decision the owners have made. I'm a PS guy and I understood that 3rd parties games were designed for X360 first and then ported to PS3 because the design process was so different on the PS3 that it was dumb to start with it, but this gen is different.

I'm totally turned down by these weird decisions, I'll look for other developers' games for a while, give them time to make up their mind on how high they want to be on the jerk scale.

tman73021290d ago

Do you have anything logic to say with substance other than assumptions? Everyone is entitled with a opinion but maybe you should come with a open mind. The developers goal is to make a game that has the same experience on every platform based on how they want us to experience it. Believe on the gossip resolutiongate crap, but I'm gonna believe in something more substantial and reasonable than your childish and bias comments.

TheSaint1290d ago

Takes away the reason I bought a PS4, so no reason to buy this game.

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Neonridr1292d ago

lol.. now all the people who were raging can take a breath and life will return to normal.

-Foxtrot1292d ago

Well lets be honest if we didn't "rage" then they probably wouldn't of shit themselves and tried to backtrack.

triangle_todd1292d ago

That's them doing damage control, nothing more. Until they confirm they hit 1080p on PS4 this issue isn't over.

tinynuggins1292d ago

What if they confirm both the PS4 and Xbox One version will end up being 1080p?

triangle_todd1292d ago

If they are able to achieve that, then they should. No reason to hold any platform back to "avoid debates and stuff".

xTheMercenary_1291d ago

@tinnynuggins If that happens i have a feeling things will stir up again, if they end up with 1080p on both that would be great for both ps4 and xone owners, no need to go ape shit if one is better than the other or end up being both the same resolution.

Anzil1291d ago

@triangle_todd Up bubble! No console should be held back (.)

Chrischi19881291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

Lol, this debate is just silly. Get over it. 900p doesnt look that much worse than 1080p. The PS4 is not such a powerhouse as all believed, that is also a fact, that only fanboys somehow dont understand. And then 1080 with no anti aliasing and better textures looks way worse than 900p with it. Quality of textures is worth a lot more.

This whole 1080p bs is just pure marketing for people who need a number for how good something is, even though it doesnt really say much. They dont know anything about graphics, but when talking to somebody else they throw 1080p into the debate, like it means so much more than just resolution. I tell you guys, if you get AC Unity in 1080p, it will actually look worse, just so it can hit 1080p, because they will turn down a lot of other stuff, just for that, but whatever, let the disagrees of rabod fanboys begin ;)


Not by a longshot my friend, they need to be taught a lesson people!
Most of these people making a big fuss about this will be the main ones buying unity in nov, I guarantee it!

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kingduqc1291d ago Show
medman1291d ago

If by normal, you mean [email protected]#$ Ubisoft, then absolutely. My bottom line for buying games is that I expect a developer to do the best job for whatever given platform they are developing for, be it pc or console. If a developer can't manage to get that part of the equation right, they aren't getting my money. Period. Ubisoft is making a big mistake to me, because now this puts The Division in my "buyer beware" category, as the game has an xbox tie in and I assume the gimp will be in for that game as well. I can't support that, and I won't. I'll buy another game, or games, whenever The Division comes out if it is "aiming for parity". And the same holds for any other developer that tries to pass this crap off as standard or acceptable. I find it entirely unacceptable. And I've got better things to do with both my time and my money than to waste it on a developer that thinks so little of their customers.

Neonridr1291d ago

so you are saying that anytime a game is the same resolution on the Xbox One and PS4 you aren't buying it?

Seems a little harsh, but ok.. it's your logic after all.

Christopher1291d ago

@Neonridr: See my comment at 1.5 above.

If you stop talking about this because they make this simple statement, then you are doing exactly what they want without them ever having to actually do squat down the road.

This is just PR spin again. We won't be seeing a resolution upgrade, we're just being handed a half-truth so we will be like the Internet and move onto some other hot topic while they continue to do as they originally planned.

Neonridr1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

perhaps. Who knows. I guess we will have to wait and see what happens when this game gets released.

It just bugs me how suddenly if a game has the same resolution as the Xbox One it is now unacceptable.

You can argue till days end that the Cell processor in the PS3 was more powerful than the 3 core Power PC setup in the Xbox 360. But that didn't make PS3 gamers suddenly entitled to have their games run at a higher resolution than the 360's.

Where did this sudden inflation of ego come from?