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Shadow of Mordor went through a turbulent journey en route to its September 30, 2014 release. When it was first announced and Monolith shared off some gameplay action, many gamers and industry luminaries chided it for being an Assassin’s Creed ripoff, or as just another licensed movie game (visuals and characters reflect Jackson’s films) that would ultimately disappoint its pop culture fan base. Considering that the concept of the game was to create a whole new story revolving around a character that Tolkien never envisioned, it wasn’t out of the norm for gamers to be hesitant about the merits of Shadow of Mordor. Many thought it would be another cash grab for the Tolkien license holders, while others wrote it off as an unoriginal clone of a baby between Assassin’s Creed and the Batman Arkham games. While comparing its gameplay and mechanics to those franchises is a legit critique, Shadow of Mordor is far from being another cheap ploy to prey on the wallets of Tolkien super fans thanks to its high-level of polish, interesting world and characters, and unique gameplay mechanics.

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HAMM3RofBUDDHA1233d ago

If it weren't for the need to cover yet another new release in Alien: Isolation I'd easily play this to 100% completion. Just pure fun overall.

tacotruck1233d ago

Gotta love the variety of Uruks

snowbearder1233d ago

This is one I definitely want to try out

Genuine-User1233d ago

Best game of the year so far in my opinion.

MSBAUSTX1233d ago

Man these reviews have finally got me thinking about this game. Is it that good?

shammgod1233d ago

It's just flat out fun.

aliengmr1233d ago

Yea it is.

Nemesis system aside, this game shows that sometimes if it ain't broke don't fix it.

The Orks are amazing too.

MSBAUSTX1233d ago

Very cool. I might have to pick this up once I have run my course through Hyrule Warriors. I need some good Orc killing time. Havent had that in a long time.

Fizzgig1233d ago

I'm so close to buying it. Now my character has hit 28 in Destiny, I feel compelled to start playing other games again. I've ordered Alien, it looks like I may need to pick this up too.

Tex1171233d ago

I mean, if Assassins Creed and Batman Arkham didn't do it for you at all, then this likely wont either.

That said, if you thought both of those games were "fine" to "pretty good" then the nemesis system and the rest of the game will raise that to "great."

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The story is too old to be commented.