Mark Rein: Why only a trilogy for Gears of War?

Yesterday there were some rumours about a possible trilogy for Gears of War. Microsoft didn't want to comment on that but Vice President of Epic Mark Rein did. And his reaction is very suprising.

He says that if you can retain the quality of Gears of War you can make many more games than only three. Just look at GTA, MGS, FF, Mario etc.

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zonetrooper54379d ago

If there are fours game then so be it but i do not want there to be a million games like mario as it will become unorginal and boring after a while. That goes for Halo as well, i love Halo as much as the next guy and i am buying Halo 3 and Halo War, hopefully peter jackson's halo project will be the last of the Halo games. I want MS, Bungie, Lionhead, Epic Games etc to create better and new IP's then stay with the same old game.

Antan4379d ago

i agree with you, but i do think there are a couple more GOW episodes left in the tank!!

PS360PCROCKS4379d ago

No more than 4 games and we're good :)

beans4379d ago

I agree with you guys but believe that side stories will be good for games! I would love to play Halo through the eyes of someone else and remember how shadow of the empire pulled me back into the star wars vibe with it's awesome side story! The next title I want to hear about is Too Human! I just have a funny feeling that it's going to be a sleeper hit!

360pluswiiequalsps34379d ago

but not exclusive to 18+ gamers

Daewoodrow4378d ago

Are you seriously saying you want them to reduce the age rating on GOW?

I think you should rethink that one.

The Snake4378d ago

Unlike Halo, this game deserves an M rating. I hate going up against twelve year olds on XBL, especially on mature games. They are irritating to say the least. Unlike Halo, with Gears if their parents see what they are playing they'll flip out and not let them play it anymore...and that's a good thing. Less annoying kids to play with = a better online experience for me. For that reason and the fact that the extreme content can be pretty amazing, I say keep the rating.