Amazon PSN Deals

"Amazon is running a bunch of PSN games on sale for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita/PSP."

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SleepingHero1256d ago

Seems like Regular prices to me...

UltimateMaster1256d ago

Well, you could add this deal to the current PSN deal that if you buy for 100$, you get 15$ back.
That makes some pretty good savings.

TWB1256d ago

I just thought about something...

Since these are digital they dont have any extra costs (like mailing) and buying from would directly convert $ to € to get the real price of the game (and not 1$ = 1€ conversion), could I buy these US games from and play them on my european PS3 ? PS3s arent region locked AFAIK but will the PS Store allow me to download these games ?

emad-E-three1256d ago

You can but only thing you will need to create a new US account to redeem the code then when the game start downloading log in with your European account and when it finishes you're good to go, I'm doing it myself ;)