Review: Costume Quest 2 (New Gamer Nation)

Just in time for Halloween comes the follow up to 2010’s favorite Halloween-themed RPG, Costume Quest 2. Reynold and Wren are back to save Halloween yet again this time against a new foe, Dr. Orel White. Double Fine made this title their first official sequel, this time with the help of independent publisher Midnight City. The original game stole the hearts of audiences with its cartoon-like visuals and its endearing story, but does the new entry capture lighting in a bottle twice or was one lap around the neighborhood enough? For us, the answer to that question lies somewhere in between.

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DryBoneKoopa851327d ago

Anyone know when this is hitting the consoles?

equal_youth1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

i was here to ask the same but i hope this hits before halloween.

edit: a few articles stated "in time for halloween"

newgamernation1327d ago

It is going to release by the end of the month. The devs say before Halloween but there is no hard date at this point.

DryBoneKoopa851327d ago

That's weird because I just saw a launch trailer that stated it was available now. I saw the trailer on Nintendo

newgamernation1326d ago

If you are talking about the launch trailer, yes it is technically available now on PC. If you want to play it on consoles, it is a little behind the PC release.