Exclusive Games That have Become the Deciding Factor for Buying PlayStation 4 or Xbox One

GP:"The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are officially out around the world. There are plenty of reasons to jump onto the next generation console but which one would be the best option for you? Specifications are close together along with the main features though we won't get too specific between the two consoles. For now, the deciding factor may finally be video game based."

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vishmarx1258d ago

clearly not.
neither console has system seller exclusives and despite that one of them has a very huge lead.

darthv721258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )

There are pros and cons to each system. If one was truely about the games and not the brands then it is best to play the field. as there are great games that will be available to each system that wont be on the next.

But that is an expensive decision to make. now that doesnt mean it will remain expensive throughout the generation. systems drop in price, and when they do, each person has their own comfort zone to which they buy.

I may not have anything but the wii-u (as far as next gen goes) but at some point I will obtain the ps4 and the xb1 to round things out. Im a patient person when so few are these days.

Upbeat1258d ago

I thought everyone with sense had left n4g, clearly this guy gives the website some hope lol.. Although Wii u man ? why o why haha

creized11258d ago

One of the games for me is Uncharted hands down.
Even before Ps4 was released or ND said anything about Uncharted 4, i said to myself, im getting a ps4 cause i know this game is coming

Upbeat1258d ago

I never got to play the last of us on ps3 so it sold the PS4 for me, also I cannot wait for The order 1886, looks fantastic.

Master-H1258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )

Definitely Bloodborne for me, i spend hundreds of hours on Souls games, various builds, pvp , trophy gathering and what not, so i'd get a console solely for this game if i had to, beside that Uncharted 4, i guess from the ones we know of.

From the games in the article i played Infamous, the first title i played in the series, pretty cool game, i'd say 8/10.
And Killzone, only played the singleplayer and didn't like it aside from a mission or two, i'd say 6.5/10.

Tex1171258d ago

Nothing really stands out from the pack right now. Titanfall was supposed to be it, but it just didn't quite get there.

That said, Bloodbourne is a big one for me (and why I own a ps4).

GundalfDeGrej1258d ago

I didn't buy my PS4 for any specific game. I just thought Sony did a good job last gen and I'm confident they will do a good job this gen as well. I guess it's a bit reckless to buy systems early but hey, I could afford it.

I did however buy my WiiU mostly for Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros. Then E3 came along and I became even more confident in my purchase!

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