Patch 2.1 Coming to PS4 Diablo 3: Reaper Of Souls Today

Great news for Diablo fans as the highly anticipated 2.1 patch is supposedly making its way to us today. No word on other next-gen console availability at the moment as news has only come from Sony who presumably still have the marketing rights to the game.

You can look forward to earning legendary gems, tackle increasingly challenging greater risks and even taking on Greed herself!

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nikrel1231d ago

It's not updated as of 1:15pm CST

KevWriter1229d ago

I got the patch last night.

MWong1229d ago

Same here, I got it last night also.

SolidDuck1229d ago

Same here, last night Tuesday.

Kribwalker1229d ago

Got it on X1 last night aswell