I’m Skipping Assassin’s Creed Unity and Here’s Why

(PlayStation LifeStyle): Recent news has shown that Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Unity could have been released with 1080p resolution on PlayStation 4, but because the Xbox One version could only manage 900p, Ubisoft scaled back the PS4 version to “avoid all the debates and stuff” about console specs.

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Neonridr1408d ago

So basically you are skipping a game because you feel in your mind you were robbed of 1080p because your system is more capable?

Wow.. entitled people nowadays..

Newsflash, game will still look awesome at 900p. Get over it, and go enjoy the game.

-Foxtrot1408d ago

How is he entitled. You've bought an expensive console over it's rival counterpart because it's more powerful in some places, so of course you are going to want develoeprs to use those better specs because then you will be getting the best out of the console you've paid for.

Same goes for the game aswell, if you buy a game which could do better things then obviously you are going to want those better features.

You are paying a lot of money for these things so I don't see how people are entitled. Least people who vote with their wallets are doing is the only thing which will get a developer to listen.

Neonridr1408d ago

I understand what you are saying, but that doesn't change the fact that just because the game will be 900p doesn't mean that the game still won't be fun.

That's like saying that AC4 wasn't a good game on the Xbox One because it was only 900p whereas on the PS4 it was 1080p.

Are you telling me that a 900p game can't be fun?

uptownsoul1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

@Neoridr Its not about the game being fun or not…Your not going to buy a car that has a top speed of 160mph but has been artificially capped at 70mph, no matter how great it rides or how good the features are on it, or "how fun it is". If the speedometer says 160 or 180 or 210, I better be able to get the car to that speed right off the lot…PERIOD…Otherwise, I take my money elsewhere

SteamFrostedEgg1408d ago

You aren't getting enough bang for your buck.

Neonridr1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

@uptownsoul - go buy a Ferrari and tell me it's not fun to drive at 50mph. Sure it can *go* 200mph, but where are the average people going to drive the car that fast?

Unless you want to recklessly speed just because you can, then go nuts.. ;)

@SteamFrostedEgg - how do I know that? I haven't played the game yet..

johndoe112111408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )


That's still not the point and you still don't get it. Let's just say that by some far stretch of the imagination a game gets released next year, let's use the division as an example, that can be more enhanced on the xbox one because of "the power of teh cloudz", but ubisoft decides to not utilize "teh cloudz" and make the game the same on all platforms because they don't want to "hurt ps fans feelings". Do you think that any of the self righteous xbox fanatics who aren't seeing any issue with ACU would not go freaking ballistic with ubisoft's decision with The division?

It's hypocrisy to the fullest. the people who are saying that this is not an issue would never say the same thing if their console of choice was the one being gimped for parity. This is a problem and it has absolutely NOTHING to do with whether the game will be fun or not and has EVERYTHING to do with the principle of it all and feeling like I am being punished for investing in buying a more powerful machine. THIS IS BS, plain and simple.

Bhuahahaha1408d ago

@neon if we let ubisoft do this now

who knows in the future this thing will be the new norm in future gaming and thats really a bad bad thing

when the super new wii u2 is more powerful than the xb5 and ps6 . ubisoft will just hold back innovation coz the later 2 cant keep up with the super wii u lol

famoussasjohn1408d ago

What if the console truly cannot handle 1080p because of all the AI and NPC's they have everywhere throughout the game which caused them to have it be 900p to accommodate their vision they had for the game with it feeling more alive than ever?

Neonridr1408d ago

@johndoe11211 - but the PS4 is quickly becoming my platform of choice. At the end of the day, I don't care if it's only 900p. Would it be nice if it was 1080p with all the bells and whistles? Sure. Will it mean the game will be complete crap and suffer because it's only 900p? Absolutely not.

Then again, my first console was a Colecovision where displaying a circle on the screen meant that the gamer had to use their "imagination" to see it.

Too many other elements of a game make it good. Graphics is but a small piece.

Th4Freak1408d ago Show
Neonridr1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

@Th4Freak - because I don't cry when my console doesn't do 1080p? Pretty sure there are bigger things in life to worry about, don't you?

And I am not American, so I doubt the US government gives 2 $hits about me.. :P

-response to below-

I get what you are saying, sure I would love it to be 1080p as I am a PS4 gamer too. But I seem to remember last gen gamers not "demanding" all their games to be native 720p even when the 360 and PS3 were technically capable as some twilight games proved. Just because your machine can do 1080p, doesn't mean it is going to each and every time. I mean if a first party game comes out that isn't 1080p are you going to put up a fuss? Or will it be down to the fact that there are all sorts of other aspects that cause the game to not run at a full resolution?

How do we know it isn't to take the load off the CPU? What if the framerates were too unstable at 1080p? There could be more to this story than Ubisoft honestly not wanting to piss of MS fans. Every other 3rd party company has no issues making the PS4 version better, so why should Ubisoft be any different? Didn't AC4 have a higher resolution on the PS4 than the XB1?

DLC is a way of life, I don't agree with it, but it's a way for developers to extend the shelf life of a game. Destiny and Driveclub will both have DLC which will require money, sad but inevitable I guess.

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VealParmHero1408d ago

its a multiplat, they will do what they want. the game will still look and play great. if you want the game, just get it. seriously, stop this.

choujij1408d ago

Well Ubishaft, this is the 2nd game of yours that I was once going to purchase but you've changed my mind on. Enjoy your parity sales too while you're at it.

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NewMonday1408d ago

just get the game used, no cash for ubisoft

KarmaV121408d ago

Honestly... No I don't. And yes I have a 1080p monitor.

MrPink20131408d ago

I don't remember this huge outcry on the first Xbox when we know damn well many just ported the PS2 game and didn't do much else. I guess when you have a system with all the games on it you don't care about a more powerful system that cost the same.

Needless to say they should all be taking advantage of each systems strenghts, not compromising the other so they look the same. It's still not enough to simply ignore a good game because you somehow feel cheated. The again we have lots of people who care way too much about these things and seem to enjoy all the controversies out there more than enjoying the games.

Meltic1408d ago

Yeah your right. Dont give them Money. There is Another way too play AC unity in 4k, and thats the PC. You dont need too buy it if you dont like them.

Joe9131407d ago

I agree this is very dumb move for ubisoft you'd think they learned their lesson for scaling back watchdogs but I guess they haven't they better not do this with the division. The graphics ended up not being the problem with Watchdogs but it did kinda start the hate before the game came out.

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HaveAsandwich1408d ago

not the point. not the point at all.

Gamerbeyond1408d ago

neon, its called sticking up for the consumer, you should try it.

Neonridr1408d ago

I should try sticking up for myself? Aren't I doing that now by taking this stance?

nX1408d ago

Or having a backbone... or not letting big publishers penetrate you through the rear window. I won't get AC:Unity either, Ubisoft can choke on my wasted Watch Dogs money.

Gamerbeyond1408d ago

neon, if ubi told you to bend over, would you do it, i hope not. so why would you let them keep ramming you in the backdoor.

Sketchy_Galore1408d ago

Let's use an extreme as an example, now remember this is an extreme example in order to make the thought process of the critics more obvious.

Think of any upcoming game you're looking forward to. Let's say The Witcher 3 (if you're not looking forward to The Witcher 3 just replace it with a game you are looking forward to...and seek mental help).

Let's say within weeks of release Sony notice a large resurgence of interest in the PS1 among hipsters and to capitalise on this they decide they want the Witcher 3 released on PS1, only they don't want it to be outshined by any other version out there so they 'persuade' CD Projekt Red to release the game on all systems looking like a PS1 game, with all the low resolution, silly blocky polygon characters and 3ft draw distance you'd expect.

What is your reaction? Are you irritated that the developers decided not to give you the best version of the game they could for the sake of shady business deals or are you just eternally grateful that they're giving you the great privilege of playing their new game?

Neonridr1408d ago

Ummm maybe I would be a little upset. But since the PS1 can't output 900p, your example is a few generations off.

BF4 was only 900p and I think it looked pretty darn good IMO. So if a game had to be held back and can only look that good, I guess I could handle it.

Sketchy_Galore1408d ago

Well like I said it's an extreme example simply used to highlight the business practice people are objecting to. Whether you still think the downgraded game looks nice or not, it's still that exact same shady anti-consumer business tactic.

Speaking personally, even though 1080p has been the most important part of the jump in tech for me as I find the crispness really helps with immersion, I'd still probably buy this if it was a game I was desperately looking forward to. As it is I'm beyond sick of this dull milked dry franchise and would only have even considered picking it up if it turned out to be enough of a technical marvel that it made up for the sameness of everything else about it. As it is I'm just looking at a dull game that isn't going to look quite as crisp and sharp as anything else I've been playing, and I don't want it.

rainslacker1408d ago

I'm not sure that that extreme really helps the thought it is certainly a big extreme.

But to answer your question...should that happen, I imagine everyone would be pretty upset. I would find it pretty hilarious myself though.

3-4-51408d ago

If it was fun and looked like a N64 game I'd still buy it.

As long as it's not that piece of garbage that was AC3.

Mithan1408d ago

Ac3 was terrible. I didn't play ac4 because of it. Unity looks great.

Mithan1408d ago

I agree, he is acting like an idiot.

The downgrade is stupid, but I am not not going to buy it because of that.

Besides, they will patch it. We all know that.

mopground1408d ago

i agree with you. some of these people just dont understand business

Christopher1408d ago

I won't skip it because I'm robbed of 1080p. I'm skipping it because I believe they are focusing on parity rather than actually working to do what the hardware can do.

Heck, I think they could have gotten 1080p on both consoles.

I also disagree with "game will still look awesome at 900p."

Watching videos and the only thing that lives up to AC4 are the cut scenes and some of the buildings. But, character models in general look much lower in quality outside of cinematic cut scenes. There's also a lot of blur that hurts my eyes to help hide AA.

***I understand what you are saying, but that doesn't change the fact that just because the game will be 900p doesn't mean that the game still won't be fun. ***

If you do buy the game, doesn't that tell Ubisoft that it's okay for them to continue to treat your hardware as if it's not capable of more than it is.

Whether a game is fun or not, isn't it important to tell them that we want them to take us seriously when it comes to hardware? If hardware didn't matter, wouldn't we all just be playing games on last gen hardware still?

starchild1408d ago

"Watching videos and the only thing that lives up to AC4 are the cut scenes and some of the buildings. But, character models in general look much lower in quality outside of cinematic cut scenes. There's also a lot of blur that hurts my eyes to help hide AA."

That's crazy talk. Seriously.

reaperofsouls1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

Why does the majority have to suffer for the minority?

preorder cancelled!

CKPan1408d ago

Oh my GOD!!!!
you simply just can't get the point, can you?

God help you.

ironfist921408d ago

People have been "boycotting" Assassin's Creed games for years yet they still manage to sell millions.

Honestly, all this crying is getting out of hand, it's purely a number game, and doesnt affect the gameplay or story or world or characters in ANYWAY other than wanting a few more pixels.

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KnightRobby1408d ago

You can't be serious. I play games on my Xbox 360 and PS3 to this day and most of them are 720p. They'll nail down the 1080p eventually. This game was in development during the transition from old-gen and while new-gen was being created. It has been worked on since Brotherhood. Late 2015-2016 will give us more stable games in terms of resolution. Give it time people.

For now, can't we just enjoy the games?

knifefight1408d ago

It says right in the article your exact point.

But it's not about the graphics. It's about holding things back -- anything. It happens to be graphics, but if you read the piece, the graphics themselves aren't the issue.

whiteyjuice1408d ago

Now you know how PC gamers have felt for 10 years....

Mithan1408d ago

Very true lol

I can't believe people disagree.

f50liv_imposter11408d ago

Great article Ill be skipping the game for the same reason you mentioned. I have other PS4 games to play not this piece of dogshit

Geekman1408d ago

Yeah! Like Bloodbourne....



theshredded1408d ago

I'll be waiting for Batman Arkham Knight instead anyways.This will end up in a collection of 3 AC games a few yrs later like all AC games