DriveClub Another Victim Of Over Hype?

"DriveClub reviews have started to spill out onto the internet after it's release today in North America and ahead of its launch in Europe on October 8th and the UK on October 10th."

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Future_20151384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

the content is very thin for a launch game, only around 49 cars and i would have liked to see some real life tracks, also weather is missing for a couple of months, goes to show graphics dont make a game just like games like crysis 3

3-4-51384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

Good thing for Drive Club is, it doesn't have to compete against Forza Horizon 2, as that is XB1 exclusive, and what seems to be Obviously the better quality game.

* Drive Club does have a graphical edge, but I think Dev's are starting to understand that while awesome graphics are cool....CONTENT = King

Should still be a decent game though right??

scotmacb1384d ago

Forza h2 has awesome gfx aswell as alot of content

mikeslemonade1384d ago

What hype? The general consensus about this game wasn't good to begin with.

ChronoJoe1384d ago

I don't think Driveclub really had that much hype. A little perhaps, for a racing game, but even then racing games aren't as popular as they used to be.

All I'll say is that hopefully Evolution studios can turn out a good game. Studio Liverpool has been closed, they were a talented studio and one that had never produced a bad game, in fact many of the Wipeout titles were some of the best on the Playstation platform.

As Evolution was founded by Psygonosis (Studio Liverpool staff) their effectively Liverpools legacy. So, I really, really hope they start making good games.

nX1384d ago

What would a Driveclub article be without people mentioning Forza, huh? But since you asked for it, FH2 might have more content but the actual racing is bland, almost soulless compared to Driveclub's visual effects, the sense of speed and especially the well designed tracks. Evolution nailed this aspect to the point where even Forza 5 can't compete.

Torque_CS_Lewith1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

Lol bloodborn! Did you seriously just call Horizon 2 soulless? Hahahaha! Everybody says it is so alive and fun and happy to play and you say this Killzone of racers has more soul? Lol!

dantesparda1384d ago

I agree with Bloodborn, FH2 is bland.

OldDude1383d ago

I would say it was bland too if all I was stuck with was Driveclub.

marlinfan101383d ago

@ bloodborn and dantespardra

come on now, we all know neither of you guys have tried FH2 lol good try though

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bjmartynhak1383d ago

49 is a good number. I'll probably play with less than 10.

I haven't played it yet, neither read all the reviews, just saw the scores, but here's what I want from a racing game:

- Good controls
- Good/Agreessive AI. With no rubberband in neither of the sides (including not slowing opponents down so I can catch up after a crash)

If Driveclub delivers it, then I'm fine.

FsterThnFTL1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

Sad but true, but why was it so over hyped in the first place and by who is the real question that we should be answering.

aksmashh1384d ago

Maybe this is the gen were I/we stop waiting and listening to review scores!!!

If listen to the reviews I would never bought destiny!!! And it's the most fun I've had in FPS in longtime!!!

It can understand why these games got the scores tho!!!

Spotie1384d ago

Why the hell are you still allowed to post?

DeadlyOreo1384d ago

Why do I constantly see you name popping up in every Driveclub related article, when you clearly have no interest in the game. Just go away and stop trolling, it's annoying.

ThePope1384d ago

It was overhyped because everything Sony puts out is considered gold the day we find out the title of the game. No gameplay, feature list, or story is necessary. Its officially the killer of what ever app it competes against on the X1.

Its automatically assumed that because the PS4 is more powerful (by how much is still debated) than the X1 that games will automatically be better. Many have tried to be the voice of reason and remind those who haven't been playing games for 20+ years that gameplay and content(for sports/racing games) was/is/always will be king.

Its the same as the AC:U 900p "scandal". I know parity drives people crazy, and I'm not here to say it should/shouldn't. But there are people that will NOT buy the game because of it. Yet AC:U is poised to be the best game in the franchise. Yet because graphics aren't put first and foremost, you wont buy it. Graphics were put first and foremost in DriveClub. Was that the right decision?

baodeus1384d ago

Amen, cant agree more. I don't know what is wrong with gamers now a day.

Have any one been able to identify all 100k plant species that DC has? If this is a botanist game, they are doing it wrong.

OldDude1383d ago


Bravo! Well said. I don't care if its even just a indie title, its like its the 2nd coming as soon as it gets announced.

Aussiebeachbabe1383d ago

Pope that is what I have been saying but getting disagreed for. On DC they were too worried about graphics in the delay than gameplay. Oh well back to the drawing board.

SoapShoes1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

How you get a well said status is beyond me. I don't think you have been playing games for 20+ years because guess what content /=/ quality. Look at all the greats of the past games like the original Need For Speeds, Project Gothams, Test Drives, Burnouts, Midnight Clubs, and none of them had massive amounts of content. What they did have, though, is great gameplay. I doubt you have even played DriveClub and I can see that YOU were judging the game before it even came out. How does that make you any different from the "so called" people overhyping Sony titles?

And as far as you comment goes, how exactly is AC Unity poised to be the best game in the franchise? You talk about people overhyping Sony games before they're out yet you go and claim it's poised to be the best yet for no good reason other than what the devs/publishers have shown you and hyped you up for.

FriedGoat1383d ago

MS trolls always get a well said status. It's due to bubbling from multiple accounts. It happens quite often actually, and it's always on the completely rediculous comments. Mind you, that's what they pay for.

user56695101383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

He gets a well said because it's true. Anyone who been on this site would know ps fanboys hype any exclusive as the second coming even if it doesn't look that great. Even with lack of footage they still hype it up, instead of waiting to see more gameplay. If a multiplat game devs praise the ps4 it's an instant buy. Every exclusive deserve a 95+ no matter what.

Ps fanboys always have the most bubbles even when they're know for trolling in every platform articles

People saying it wasn't overhyped we can look back at every DC article, and especially FH2 and project cars article where they downplay them while acting like DC was so revolutionary. They do this to every game then it turn out to be average

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Master-H1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

Come on.. 2014 hasn't been THAT awesome !

OT: I don't remember this game being hyped for anything other than it's graphics, and it pretty much delivered on that front. I knew something was up with the review embargoes being set the day of the release..i guess i'll download the ps+ version sometimes in the future to try it out anyway.

-Foxtrot1384d ago

Compared to Titanfall, WatchDogs and Destiny the hype wasn't really as bad for this game despite the year delay.

I think it's just hard for a new IP, especially for a racing game to thrive when people will always compare it to other games in that genre.

In my opinion it's what puts developers off making new IP's and continue to churn out sequel after sequel. Ubisoft for example could take what they've learnt in Assassins Creed and make a Prince of Persia sequel to the 2008 game, yet they won't because they are scared.

sobotz1384d ago

At least among those list, Titanfall scores big. Even it just get boring after 2 weeks.

-Foxtrot1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

Doesn't that show the flaw in reviews

A game could be fantastic while reviewing it or playing on it for the first time but after a while you start to see issues with it which would make you score it lower. By that time it's too late the score is published, only thing you can do is another article later stating how you were wrong.

psvitamanfan1384d ago

@foxtrot - completely agree. It's sad to see so many reviews that get pushed out as fast as possible to capitalize on the fact it's a new game. To really be able to judge a game you need to have been playing it more than a couple of days to get a real sense of its worth.

SoapShoes1384d ago

It's called publisher money. TitanFall was just as empty of content as DriveClub but you didn't see lots of reviews mentioning that.

gootimes1384d ago

I don't think it is the hype or the content at fault.
Sorry to say that if a game is good then it is good, regardless of hype. I can think of tons of "over-hyped" games that got amazing reviews. DC seems to be an average racer, perhaps a bit lacking in gameplay.

I am sure it is still decent, and it is beautiful. But I think people were right when they said they focused too much on things other than gameplay.

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