Sony Aware of NBA 2K15 & DriveClub Issues, Working to Resolve Them

Although specifics weren’t given about what’s gone wrong, here’s Sony’s message about the games:

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Dontworrybhappy1323d ago

Why soo many issues today damn it. Gonna go watch porn.

mikeslemonade1323d ago

This sucks I can't play online. Must be because it's also the free day for plus too.

Muzikguy1323d ago

I've been checking for hours. My cart has all the free games but I'm missing DC. Waiting for it before I check out so it will be waiting for me at home. I can't believe all these issues.

rainslacker1323d ago

I think it's because too much internet bandwidth is being taken up by people who watch porn...just speculation of course.:)

SojournUK1323d ago

Sorry, I've logged off now. Please try again :/

Silly Mammo1322d ago

Quit trying to stream 4K resolution porn dude!

XanderZane1322d ago

Rustchynsky tweeted this to me last week. What a joke. The PS+ version didn't come out until late last night I believe.

"Paul Rustchynsky ‏@Rushy33 Sep 29

@XanderZane There is no demo, but there is the PS+ Edition which will be available at launch."

Yes Paul it is a DEMO. There's only 10 cars and 11 tracks. Just because all the modes and online is there doesn't mean it's a complete game. The online part were having a ton of issues on day one.

Bobby Kotex1322d ago

Well it's not like you'll ever have a girlfriend, so go for it.

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Been downloading 2k15 fooooorrrrever now!

kainslayer1323d ago

its 40 suppose to take a long time ;-) except ofcource if you have a descent pc then it takes 3 hours to d/l....this time pc version is da best

extravalue1322d ago

as a pc user i would expect you to have the common sense to realize that its the internet speed that determines how fast the game gets downloaded

1322d ago
HeavenlySnipes1323d ago

Does any one know how to download the ps plus edition of Driveclub? I can download Spelunky but Driveclub isn't available

Crazyglues1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

Well soon as I bought it for 10% discount $49 it started downloading instantly....

Yes I too wanted to try it before I bought it, but then I got too impatient, so this is for those wondering will they get it now if they buy it, YES --> it will start downloading right now..

kinda sucks that Sony didn't have the Free Plus version ready when the store updated, but whatever I got it coming in now --that's all that matters..

Game Looks Amazing... wow

||.........___||............ ||

MillyMike1323d ago

@CrazyGlues, where's the 10% discount driveclub? LOL

Crazyglues1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

At the disagrees... OMG! why are y'all flaming me... I didn't lie to you..

@MilyMike it was right there, when I wrote the first post ask Heavenly Snipes, I didn't lie to you guys, I bought it right then...

They took it down because it was the Plus version, it looks like what happened was they put the plus version in the 10pecent discount section...

so it's down now, because they are trying to fix it.. (maybe it was suppose to go away once the game released, and they messed up, it is a pre-order discount)

I just went ahead and bought that because I couldn't find the Plus version, and I wanted to play now...

So please people stop hating on me, I don't work at PSN --> I don't know why the 10percent off pre-order $49 full version is now down, I didn't lie to you, I bought it exactly when I wrote it. Sorry if it's gone now but I didn't lie to you.

I'm playing the game right now... if you want I'll make a video? from game/share..

HeavenlySnipes1323d ago

Yeah when I checked again a couple minutes ago if you click on the driveclub icon in the free ps plus games list it just directs you to the discount page where you can get the game for $49.99

Crazyglues1323d ago

@HeavenlySnipes thank you for confirming what I said about the discount being there, I don't know why people thought I would make that up...

Bubble for you my friend..

||.........___||............ ||

badz1491323d ago

What the hell is happening over here? I'm in Asia and had downloaded the PS+ version last night. Played for 2 hours and was impressed, upgraded to the full version with bonuses. I played for another 2 hours but the only problem was I can connect to the DC server. I'm gonna try again after this.

Crazyglues1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )


Yeah hope they get it fixed soon, they talked about that on there Facebook page... it's says..

--> #DRIVECLUB is available from today in America and the global servers are live for online play!

We are aware however that many players are receiving an error message indicating 'there is a fault with your internet connection' and we are investigating what appears to be a wider server issue behind this problem.

It's not affecting everybody and the game will keep trying to connect to the server automatically, so you don't need to do anything with the game (like re-install or restart over and over) to establish connectivity.

Please let us know your experience with the game so far if you're already playing - and please tag friends if they're having the same problem so that they know we are working on it.

We will update you as soon as we know more about this.

1323d ago
XanderZane1322d ago

There was no PSPlus version for the first 2 days. It just got put up by Sony last night I believe. It wasn't available on Monday or early Tuesday. You could only get the game at $49.99 BEFORE the game launched after midnight on Monday morning. After that time, the price went up to $59.99. You got $10 off for preordering it basically. Whatever the case, the game is an unfinished mess. Evolution Studio got a whole extra year to improve the game add weather/phote mode and improve the A.I. and driving on the game and it seems they did absolutely nothing. The game has a 72 score on Metacritics and a User's score of 6.1. Seems gamers hate the game more then the professional reviewers.

MrChicagoWind1322d ago

THIS is exactly what they want to happen. Sony is starting to become a tad bit deceitful with PSN.

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jmac531323d ago

I suspect they are working on it because when you go into the $60 version it says the title is not available.

Crazyglues1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

yeah it looks like they put the plus version under the 10% discount full version of the game..

Epic Fail.. I can play but the servers are down. So it can't connect to the driveclub servers..

But the game feels good so far. Just doing single player campaign.

||.........___||............ ||

Immorals1323d ago

Where is this ps+ going too? More downtime than a cheap hooker!

XBox live too, they've had our money for over 10 years!

ChronoJoe1323d ago

Considering the games they give you I doubt much of the PS+ money ends up being funnelled into data centres. Negotiating deals with the publishers is probably quite expensive in itself.

Immorals1323d ago

Online stability should be the priority. The games I get for free are a nice bonus, but they aren't what I pay for

ChronoJoe1323d ago

I'm not saying it shouldn't. It's in their interest to provide a stable service, irrespective of whether consumers are directly paying into that or not.

They provide a store front, a platform to sell content, so it's in their interest that there store is as good as it can be.

But that wasn't the point, I wasn't trying to justify downtime, just to explain where most of the PS+ money probably goes.

spacedelete1323d ago

the sad thing is PSN ran a lot better on PS3 than PS4. i wish Soony would invest in their online service. they are only making themselves look bad from all the new PlayStation owners. keep pushing them and they will go back to Xbox once Halo releases.

SeanScythe1323d ago

Yeah right I get on my PS3 to download games and just the store loading is hell.

_FantasmA_1323d ago

Nobody's going back to the losing team. You are delusional. If I leave gaming it won't because a free game wasn't available the minute I wanted it. Get real dude.

warczar1322d ago

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Muzikguy1323d ago

Wouldn't a cheap hooker have less downtime? :P

I've been thinking that this whole gen. Probably why last month was so low on games because Sony needs to start using money to beef up the network

1323d ago
SilentNegotiator1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

One game's server for a few hours and two mistakes on the PS store isn't much of "downtime"

SilentNegotiator1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

I guess the Driveclub (and NBA?) servers are down, too; my bad. I thought it was just Destiny's servers. I'm just sick of people acting like the entirety of PSN is down every time Destiny's servers go down.

I wouldn't know, though, since the PS+ version is still not on the store, SONY >:(

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ABeastNamedTariq1323d ago

PSN is some trash right now they need to get their stuff together.

Ok I'm done venting. But I can't find the PS+ edition and my friends list takes forever to load. And I reeeally wanna play DriveClub.

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