Halo 5: Guardians - 343 Industries Insists Master Chief Will be the 'Main Character and Hero'

"Frank O'Connor says they have no plans to retire the iconic Spartan."

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1408d ago
ScorpiusX1408d ago

He better be am not buying a halo game to play as some tool called Locke.

StillGray1408d ago

It's good to know we'll be playing Master Chief again. I can't imagine a proper Halo game without him.

-Foxtrot1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

Good because Agent Locke is most likely just going to be some bland new character who is just needed for THIS story. As I've said they should of done it around the Arbiter, like the UNSC might not want to go after one of their own so they get an outside person to do it for them.

Hope Cortana comes back

SliceOfTruth8881408d ago

Its pathetic that the gaming community can overreact so many times. Imo it would have been awesome to play as Locke for a good amount of time to find master chief and then have an epic battle. Maybe that's still the case but my god will you people let the developers make their own people complain about getting nothing but the same old but as soon as something new gets talked about people lose their minds...get over it people complain about 1080p some more

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