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Gaming Trend Editor Stefan Alexander got behind the wheel of Sony's much-anticipated racer and had this to say "With amazingly photo-realistic graphics and authentic car sim-style handling, DRIVECLUB offers a uniquely integrated social experience that collects and shares all your records and achievements. While lacking in its core gameplay variety, the endless potential of its online rival club challenges opens up this next gen racer in ways never before seen."

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daggertoes831384d ago

..... You do not talk about driveclub.

daggertoes831384d ago

I'm all in your head legion.

Insomnia_841384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

It's a very good racer! I played from 1:30am til 8am today and I stopped just because I had to get some sleep to go to work. I couldn't put the controller down! I wanted to keep racing and unlocking cars, decals, events, beat my friends records, level up my Club etc. I sent a couple of challenges to my club and my friends clubs. There's a couple of challenges set by other clubs but I had to sleep. Luckily the guys set the time for completion to 3 days so I'll check them out when I come back from work tonight.

Fun times with this game!

-Alpha1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

Good review. One thing though: I understand that the game lacks any extra content and is pretty straightforward with the modes, but I don't think a lack of a story mode is something that should seriously be considered a negative.

Not that I think the review docked points for a lack of story, but it was mentioned, which I find a bit odd. Perhaps the presentation is not on par, but story isn't necessarily the way to do it in a racing game.

More modes would have been nice as it is clear that the single player lacks in this department, but MP is where it's at. I really wish they at least had weather ready for launch. We are expected to get weather in December, but if weather came at launch, with its own set of challenges (icey roads make the gameplay harder), it could have possibly made the overall package seem more solid.

uth111384d ago

a game like this doesn't need a story and might even be better off without one. You make your own story

zeuanimals1384d ago

Yeah, not every game needs a story. What's the story of Quake, Unreal Tournament, Team Fortress, CS, etc.? Uh... Apparently they're all gang wars since all you do is kill people wearing the other color. There's no story, just go play.

360ICE1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

It seems likely that they meant story mode as in career mode. Very few racing games have actual stories, after all.

-Alpha1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

If by career you mean a single player/world tour componen, there is one. You play through events that have challenges in which you rank up stars to level up and unlock cars.

It seems more likely to me that if he meant career mode, he would have said career mode. He's not necessarily complaining about it though, just pointing out that he wishes the game had more content, but I don't think a story mode is worth much in a racing game.

360ICE1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

Had a feeling someone would say that, and no. I would imagine a career mode would actually demand, you know, a career of some sorts. Like the ones a lot of racing games actually do have. Dirt, Gran Turismo, Forza being examples of that.

Of course, you could call collecting stars to unlock new events a career mode, but then you could just as easily call it a story mode.

Once upon a time, there was a guy who collected stars to compete in losely connected events. Not that much of story. Not that much of a career.

zeuanimals1384d ago


You realize the career modes in all of those games you listed have practically the same format as Driveclub, right? You're given events and you can choose which ones to go to. Sure there's no stars, but those games have their own ways of unlocking new events that are similar.

360ICE1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

Take GT for instance. In GT you have a garage, a personal economy and you can acquire licenses to drive in specific events. You can even wash and tune your car. That's really more of a career, isn't it?

Is that really the same format as Driveclub? I don't think so. Just because it essentially all comes down to unlocking events and cars, doesn't mean the system surrounding it isn't more reminiscent of an actual career. Driveclub has the same format as Supersonic Acrobat Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars. Minus the cut-scene at the end. Not hating at Driveclub by the way, I thought it was great, and Battle-Cars is nearly my favorite game.

As I mentioned, I do think you could call Driveclub's events a career mode, but that would be stretching it a little in my book. As far as a proper career goes, it's certainly a bit lacking.

That being said. Great game. Not hating for no reason.

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FsterThnFTL1384d ago

DriveClub will need lots of positive reviews like this to undo all the damage that has already been done. Honestly the game is not as average as the reviews are making out to be. Its a solid game that I will definitely pickup at some point.

hello121384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

Its a 7/10 game, its not any better, if you read the reviews. I noticed Driveclub had issues from watching people play the game on Twitch and I got lot of disagrees for pointing those flaws out. I was only telling people what i saw and the reviewers are now telling you guys, the same thing.

[email protected] I hate the PS4 i never said that. Sony fans yes i disagree with lot of things they say, but the PS4 is a really good console.

Notice i said 1 or 2 comments a week. How many posts have i this week, stopping posting nonsense.

[email protected] I was watching a live feed on Twitch and My computer can run the stream on the highest settings.

Why is it narrow minded? The game isn't going to change much from i saw on Twitch should i have just ignored the flaws because you guys think i am an x box troll?

7/10 isn't a bad score, you swear i said 4/10 or something.

Rimgal1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

Sorry to ask. But why did you read the reviews of a game you never intended to buy from a console that you clearly hate?

You even saw let's play of the game? Dafuq lol

EDIT: I just saw your past comments dude and that's BS. I will just leave a past comment here from you, just to show the hypocrisy from you.

"You should just get a life. Why is it you guys spend more time commenting on x box gaming news than PS4 news?

I probably post a 1 or 2 comments a week on your side.

You call us x box fans trolls, jeez."

EDIT2: Considering that today is tuesday, and since that comment you already have been in 2 post about a game that is coming exclusive to PS. But in 90% of your comments you mention playstation. So since you already have achieve your 2 post. See you next week I guess LOL.

Oh btw try and follow your own advice, it's a good advice.

Utalkin2me1384d ago

Well considering you haven't played it and only "watched" someone play it, then go on to say it has "issues". Seems kind of narrow minded if you ask me. Cause it seems most people are receiving it pretty well.

OldDude1384d ago

The PS4 is a great console, its the loud mouth braggers that have their heads jammed up Sony's bung that bring it down.

TKCMuzzer1384d ago

Hopefully when people play the PS+ addition and get into it they will also ignore the sub standard 'journalism' that sweeps the gaming industry. Judge for yourselves, reviews for most games these days are all over the place, as with most things, best to make your own mind up.
There should be no real damage, most knowledgeable gamers can make a judgment on the difference between a review and a hit seeking piece.

SoapShoes1384d ago

Most reviews have been positive but with such low scores on some it doesn't reflect in the average. This game doesn't need damage to be undone because those who like it will get it. A good majority of the haters are Xbox fanboys you can see them out in droves.

NegativeCreep4271384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

It's a conspiracy when some positive reviews come in, but is that theory applied when the game gets negative reviews? Hell no. The people (or as you mentioned xbox fanboys) that think like that are just stroking their own fanboy egos.

"I'll Rent before I buy"

Keep an eye out for this obvious stealth troll trademark (not u SoapShoes. Just in general). Its free on PSPlus, so why rent???

DeadlyOreo1384d ago

What damage?! Stop being silly.

Why do people read so much into reviews anyway, when did this become a thing? Some of my favourite games and movies have been ones with poor or average reviews, do people not even make their own opinions on things anymore?

I_am_Batman1384d ago

What damage are you talking about? Do you realise that there is a free PSPlus version for everyone to try out?

rainslacker1383d ago

If only there were a substantial demo people could use to make up their own mind rendering reviews moot.

Sony should get on that sooner rather than later.

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DougLord1384d ago

This game is going to make a monkey out of Metacritic. All the reviews are 90%+ and 60% or less. Somehow that averages out to 75%, but no one gives it that score. I'm glad reviews have decided to set aside all professionalism and join us in the mud pit of fanboyism

user3672721384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

Where are you pulling those imaginary stats from? There are currently 38 reviews for DC on metacritics: 3 are 90 plus (including this review); 7 are 60s and below; while the rest are in between and mostly in the 70s so the 73 current score sounds about right. You need to recheck that.

SoapShoes1384d ago

He got it from here... You realize meta doesn't put up all reviews right?

G20WLY1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

Well, I'm sure you'll have some beers on ice for them... ;^)

People are enjoying it right now - the reviews don't matter one iota. ;^D

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