CyberPower Gaming Fangbook Edge Specs - GTX 970M, i7, & 4K LCD at $1800

GamersNexus: "NVidia's GTX 970M and 980M launched alongside several laptop SKUs today, including new products by MSI, Origin PC, CyberPower, and others. The first of our many laptop write-ups includes CyberPower's updated Fangbook, an i7-4870HQ-equipped unit hosting nVidia's new GTX 970M, 8GB of RAM, and a 4K screen for UHD gaming."

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trickman8881294d ago

I'll stick to building a cheaper+already powerful PC. "Portability" aint worth $1800 for me. Already regret purchasing a gaming laptop from last year, and not being able to upgrade it, like a desktop.

Tundra1294d ago

MSI and Clevo laptops are easily upgradable as they have MXM 3.0 boards. MSI laptops are also known for their ease of access to hardware components and general ease of user maintenance.

itisallaboutps1294d ago

Yeah i got a laptop for 1800 once. Its an asus. Let me tell you i would of been better off building a desktop in exchange for power instead of mobility

Agent_hitman1294d ago

That's one powerful laptop there, but honestly I won't spend $1800 just for a gaming notebook. I would rather spend that money to build a powerful Desktop PC that plays it all.

ONESHOTV21293d ago

hmm cyberpower i bought my MSi GT70 branded as fangbook for 1500 for about a year now already the keys are falling off i dont know if its the model but they don't last long. GTX675MX