2014 Was Crippled By Hype – Is 2015 Next?

Hardcore Gamer: Could the anticipation-packed 2015 actually be another victim of hype in the making?

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JontheNerd1383d ago

I agree. This year of games has fell victim to overwhelming expectations due to, to much hype. Hopefully next year we can be excited for games that get minimal exposure, so we can have something to look forward to.

ValKilmer1383d ago

It sure was. Titanfall and Destiny were hyped up to be generation defining games and were just merely good new shooters.

ScottyHoss1382d ago

But they still sold with their hype value, not their game value, so I'm going to say the big 3 are still going to hype. That being said their sales might finally drop if they keep it up, one can only hope.