Are Games Priced Too High?

Prices for games on consoles keeps going up as more time is needed to get the games working but is this a good thing for everyone?

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JontheNerd1261d ago

I agree. the price will continue to go up. I thought I heard that the next gen games were going to be $40, but that did not happen. I wish we could have a pricing model that reflects the amount of work put into the game, the budget for the game and the overall score of the game. So a $60 game would be a AAA game that has a big budget and so on. Where as a $30 game has a smaller budget and a smaller staff.

Yi-Long1261d ago

I don't mind a 50-60$ price if that means you get a complete game.

Sadly, these days, you often buy a 50-60$ game, and once you get home the developers/publishers are already nickel-and-diming you with extra content that's available in the store. Not to mention all the DLC that will come out in the months to follow.

In those cases, yeah games are wayyy too expensive nowadays.

Also, it seems the prices for the digital games, like Oddworld and Defense Grid 2 have gone WAYYYY up from prices last gen. Used to be 10-15 bucks for a downloadable game. Now some of them are 25-30 bucks(!) Absolutely ridiculous. And I won't buy them because of that.

Defense Grid 2 is 25 euro here in Holland on PSN. I believe I paid 8 euro for the first DG on XBLA. Huge difference in price.

JontheNerd1261d ago

I agree that these days you shell out $60 for a game and then a month later you have an option to buy some DLC that furthers the story....Really? JUST INCLUDE IT IN THE GAME!

shloobmm31261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

In the U.S no way are games priced to high compared to other entertainment mediums. Video games are the only consumer item that has not been affected by inflation.They have been at a standard of $60 for almost 10 years now and before that they varied from $50 to $100( that price was extremely rare as were the games that were priced at that). The fact that anyone who can get 100 hours out of video games make them well worth their asking price. This is simply a matter of cheap people being cheap when you look at how almost every item in the past 20 years has tripled in price.

mochachino1261d ago

I'd say many games are. In Canada games are $80 after tax. They increased in price $10 late last year.

Needless to say instead of buying more games at launch I'll be waiting until two or three price drops

lociefer1261d ago

well in Germany new games coast around 69 euros which is absolute bull****

lelo2play1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

"Are Games Priced Too High?"

Yes they are. That's why I never buy games when released... only later on when much cheaper.

70€ for a console game in Europe is way too much money.

STK0261261d ago

It depends really. If a game can entertain me for many hours, I don't have an issue paying 60-70$ (CAD) for it. I know it gets a lot of flack, but I still like the Call of Duty games and usually spend between 50 to 100+ hours per game, therefor I'm fine paying the full price for these games. The same applies to multiple other games, like the "Tales of" series the Civilization series for example.

And sometimes shorter games are so unique and must-play experiences that they are still worth the price.

Of course some games feel like they aren't worth the price of admission, buggy messes at 60$ are still a plenty, but that has been an issue for years now, and is unlikely to go away. We as consumers need to do our research before buying games, or else we will often leave disappointed.

mochachino1261d ago

As a fellow Canadian, there's never a need to qualify your purchase. If you're satisfied and getting 100 plus hrs out of a game then you're spending your money wisely. Regardless of reviews and popular minority opinion.

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