Destiny is the Game I Can't Put Down

Vaughn from TheGamersHub writes:
"To put it simply, I really don’t have a clue as to why I can’t stop playing it. It’s immensely repetitive, and the story isn’t very interesting at all; in fact, I have very little idea about what the story was really on about. I only clocked how things were going to end, and who the big bad guys were, in the closing levels. I’m still no wiser to what The Traveller is, or what The Darkness really entails. In fact, the only way I could probably find out this information is to leave the game (or open the mobile app) and trawl through pages and pages of unlockable lore. That’s definitely not something I want to be doing."

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mikeslemonade1408d ago

Sold the game. This poor man's version of a MMO is lame.

PeaSFor1407d ago

its supposed to have light mmo aspects in it, but its not an mmo, mikeslemonade you seem to be confused.

objdadon1407d ago

So called "gamers" now in days are lame! Lol! I got almost 200 hours in destiny!

thorstein1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

"I have very little idea about what the story was really on about."

I don't know why this is difficult to understand. I get if people don't like the story, but not understanding it kind of baffles me. It is mostly sci fi tropes:

Contact with a benevolent alien

Incredible tech leads us to a "golden age"

"Darkness" (read alien threat) threatens mankind.

The survivors live on in the last city on earth

Benevolent alien disperses ghosts to revive guardians to hold back the "Darkness."

What's not to get?

audiophile1011407d ago

hmmm that sounds familiar.

oh right because they already did that. Its called halo. and it was 10x better then this game

spicelicka1407d ago

I think he was probably referring to the main plot of the game as you progress through it. What you explained is basically a very generalized back story, you learn all this right at the beginning of the game.

But where does it go from there? There are barely any cutscenes or dialogues furthering the plot, you see random characters here and there with no depth, and nothing out of the norm happens to keep you interested. I'm the biggest halo fan and I do have faith in bungie, but I'm surprises why they took this weird approach, Im sure the story will expand somehow but as of now its barely noticeable.

Baka-akaB1407d ago

That's not what people means by story impossible to get . It's missing obvious chunks of story and dialogues . Sure it's an ongoing story with more to unfold and i still love the lore , but it lacked even a proper beginning .

Even those in love with the game admits ther eis huge descrepancy between what can be seen and hinted in the grimoire , and what the game offers with it's original campaign

T2X1407d ago

HA! I know really. People who don't "Get" or understand this, are hard for me to understand.

ceooflhm1407d ago

There is nothing to get because the speaker says he could tell you about this and that, but he does not because Activision wants Bungie to milk it probably. How bout the mysterious woman that says she does not have time to explain why she does not have time to explain lmao. That's some really shoddy storytelling. The writers had to have been stoned or drunk when they wrote those parts. A 3 year old could tell a better story.

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joab7771407d ago

There's so much I do like and I think ppl are so upset b/c it really is so good in so many ways.

Just need content to keep coming.

Ka7be1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

but but but "professional" reviews gave Destiny an average of 75% on METAcritic! its mediocore at best! thats what our masters teh "gaming journalists" told us!

venom061407d ago

wow... another article from a person trying to justify their purchase of this mediocre, boring, repetitive game??? Too funny..

Starfox8111407d ago

Actually, I was sent it by Activision for review. I decided against reviewing it formally and instead opted to discuss how - while flawed in many ways - it's actually quite enjoyable in some mysterious way.

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n4gamingm1408d ago

What I put it down every time I don't get a good engram lol

Neonridr1408d ago

You can't put it down because it takes you hours upon hours grinding to find ascendant materials to upgrade your weapons / armor..

The grind from level 28 to 30 is going to be painstaking.. lol

shallowpoint1408d ago

Ive been 28 for 3 weeks now! I Keep getting ascendant materials in the raid but no raid gear besides my useless bond! I still cant stop trying though:-(

joab7771407d ago

U r right, but that part should take awhile. Just need other stuff to do in the meantime.

Yaay4me1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

after all the BS politically charged reviews, the gamers keep playing this game and love it. The only question left is, those gamers who bashed the game, what was their motivation? caught up in the negative hype, following like sheep, or just plain biased?

as to the sites, i just had to shake my head at the gaming journalism's failure to abide by their oat to be professionals.

audiophile1011407d ago

the motivation was that the game was mostly due to resources and too big of a hype for a copied game.

500 million budget? for what? hookers and beers probably

story is bland and short.

so much of that game is similar to or exactly like Halo.
Except Halo is way better. Sure they keep playing it for now but almost everywhere i read people are talking about their old Halo 2 days of multiplayer. Once the Masterchief collection comes out this game will just be in the back of our minds and people will wane away from it

Yaay4me1400d ago

i believe the 500 mil was a reference to the 10 year cycle of the game.

The game is exactly like Halo, but in my opinion, its way better than Halo. I'm just not sure why this game which is exactly like halo, got 6 ratings.

I sincerely hope that by the time MCC comes, we have had much more games to take us away from Destiny. Who knows maybe by then we are talking about Destiny 2?

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