CGM Reviews: Hyrule Warriors

Nintendo has served up fans something to tide them over in this Zelda-themed Dynasty Warriors clone. It’s fan service more than anything else, but as you may have noticed by now, Nintendo is pretty good at fan service.

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JontheNerd1406d ago

I have heard that this game is good, but suffers to being to repetitive. Looks fun though!

MSBAUSTX1406d ago

It is only too repetitive if you do not utilize all of the available combos and specials and characters. Each character has the same basic moves but they are implemented differently and require to figure out which are the best combos to take out the most enemies in the best way.

There is a need to block, dodge, and properly time your attacks against mini bosses and the main bosses require strategy to figure out what soecial item is required to actually kill them. The last element there is something that makes all LOZ games so great sonetimes.

There is also adventure mode that is the best tribute to old school LOZ that I have ever seen. The best thing about this mode is all of the hidden items and perks you can find to level up your characters and make them stronger. This game is all about the hidden hard to find stuff.

You can also post achievments directly to miivers, take screenshots, and discuss progress in the game while actually still playing the game. If you havent bought it yet I strongly urge you to. Yes you can button mash the B button until you are cramped up, but you have so many other options available to you that people who hate on this game do not mention.

It is up to you, the player, how diverse you want the game play to be. Just make sure you choose Legend of Zelda type controls. It is better to me.

JontheNerd1406d ago

Wow sounds really packed with content. I always loved the Dynasty Warriors and that type of gameplay so I'm sure adding all the elements of LOZ to that gameplay is awesome.