Open-world construction game Buildanauts announced

HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA – October 7th, 2014 — TouchTilt Games announced today the launch of a crowdfunding campaign for its innovative open-world construction simulation videogame, “Buildanauts.” The game, set for release in early 2015, is being developed for Windows, Linux, Mac, Wii U, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Developed by Halifax-based TouchTilt Games, “Buildanauts” will allow players of all ages to experience a vast, open world where they can design and build their very own living town. The whimsical, non-violent construction simulator lets players operate heavy machinery, wield a variety of power tools, and complete assignments and side-quests as they build the town of their dreams from the ground up.

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3-4-51204d ago

Is that Bob the Builder??????

Palitera1204d ago

Imminent microtransactions ahead.

aeropause1204d ago

Nope, there won't be any of those :)

Palitera1204d ago

Do you have a source for that?

dillydadally1204d ago

Why isn't this getting more traction? The game looks like a ton of fun. Maybe the problem is not enough gamers have kids they want to play with? Or maybe it's just not those type of gamers that kickstart?

SilentNegotiator1204d ago

Well it's kind of a drop in the bucket of the over-saturated "open world building" type of games (except this is construction worker stuff and very kid-friendly) and people are getting sore on Kickstarter.

Jeremy23001204d ago

That's an unfortunate truth.

I've recently thought of trying to make gameplay videos for Buildanauts to show how we differ from a 'Minecraft' clone. And emphasize the features that make us stand out (I'm the programmer for Buildanauts by the way). I took a video of road/traffic construction not too long ago and we'll try posting that around once it's done being edited.

It's unfortunate the game is still a bit too early to give demos out (the lack of an integrated UI makes it especially difficult right now). But hopefully we'll be able to show off more of it ourselves over the next little while.

aeropause1204d ago

Thanks for the feedback. We're trying something quite different in that the graphics are cute, child-like yet the gameplay is more sophisticated than you would expect. In turn making an experience that is fun for everyone.

We just made a new dev diary video here:

Support or spread the word if you can!


weekev151204d ago

Game looks loads of fun, hope you guys get enough to make it a reality.

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