PlayStation TV: The Ultimate FAQ

By Don Mesa: "PlayStation TV‘s North American launch is set for next Tuesday, October 14, so we wanted to get the ball rolling by providing a comprehensive resource for all topics related to PS TV. Though certain details are still being finalized, this FAQ will cover a range of topics about this sleek and compact new addition to the PlayStation family. Topics covered include everything from the system specs and benefits to accessories, PlayStation Plus features, the launch game lineup, differences from PS Vita, and much more"

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Neonridr1259d ago

one more week.. Very excited to get mine.

killacal131259d ago

Why are you getting disagrees? Envy maybe?

Neonridr1259d ago

lol, N4G for you I guess.

Some people aren't excited for me to get mine I guess.

To be honest, with a wife and 2.5 year old, I don't get the main TV as much as I would like. So now instead of having to hunker down over my Vita in the bedroom and suffer hand cramps I can hook this baby up to my bedroom TV and have the Remote Play feature hooked up to the 40" in the bedroom. Pair that with a DS4, and I will be a happy gamer again, lol.

beakeroo11259d ago

Ordered a JPN white one a few days back from play-asia (works out same price as US version) I just wanted the white one :)

So happy that the latest update fixed the region lock and that I waited and got it cheaper as I was ready to pull the trigger months ago.

killacal131259d ago

Ok, just so they don't disagree, stop being excited to buy something you want, lol. These no lifers.

jegheist20141259d ago

i hope i can play my sword art online game i traded my vita in to get ps tv i have ff x remastered cant wait to ifnish this on big screen.

and freedom wars on 28th oh boy what great fall this has been

Ryan7411259d ago ShowReplies(1)
ninjahunter1259d ago

Playstation tv,its a vita, for cheap!