Oculus CEO: Consumer Rift Coming 'Pretty Soon'

VRFocus - With Oculus VR's Oculus Connect Developer Conference now a distant memory and the latest prototype for the Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) revealed, VR fans are hoping to finally see the consumer version of the HMD in the near future. Crescent Bay, as the new prototype is called, was labelled by CEO Brendan Iribe as a significant stride towards the full release at its reveal. Now Iribe has reiterated that the device is coming 'pretty soon'.

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Dan_scruggs1380d ago

Coming Soon. Late 2016 probably. Seriously this shit is taking forever.

bunt-custardly1380d ago

"More than a few months and less than a few years"... Great diplomacy of words right there.

Scatpants1380d ago

I'm hoping holiday 2015. Maybe summer 2015 so as to not compete with all the big game releases, but that seems too soon.