Digital Spy: Driveclub Review

"Driveclub isn't necessarily the innovative or revolutionary game that we were expecting, but that doesn't make it a bad racer. Far from it.

It is a visually impressive game with a clean, straightforward progression system, interesting courses and enough user-friendly social features to keep clubs entertained for the foreseeable future."

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SniperControl1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

I just dont understand how the reviews for this game are swinging wildly. Never seen a game divide opinion so much.

I will also be getting the game, looking forward to Friday.

G20WLY1384d ago

Why? Because even trolls have jobs... :(

Ripsta7th1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

@G2OWLY- so that's gonna be you guys' excuse? That the reviewers are trolls?! Cmon man we just gotta accept that DC isnt as good we would hope it to be, like yous guys say about crytek games, all graphics and bland gameplay

Mr-Zex1384d ago

Because basically anyone on the internet can become a reviewer with some good English skills and knowledge.

Just as we all post our opinions on here, reviewers essentially do the same thing, the difference is they're in a position of power and can slap a score onto it and call it a 'review'. It's nothing new really, reviews are always skewed, but this generation plus the addition of fanboys makes it a confusing one when trying to understand how good a game is based on reviews.

Remy_Chaos1384d ago

There are various reasons so just take your pick, it'll apply to several gaming critics instantly (positive or negative.) That's why your own research into the game + user and gaming critics reviews (ignore the obvious bias and/or bribed trolls of course) should paint the picture for you.

SnakePlissken1384d ago

For one, you got alot of reviewers expecting this to stick to the same old shit! If you aren't spending majority of your time tweaking out on your car, then something is wrong!

Ign is perfect example of this! I personally want to jump in my race game and just play! That's what it's about! Every game has to be open world and have extremely overwhelming options all the time?

Comon people, that's not fun anymore! Driveclub gets a 10 for having the balls to be different for a change. Not every race game has to follow the same damn formula all the time!

ABizzel11384d ago

The best review is your own opinion, and with the "FREE", PS+ version you can download the game and see if you like it or not.

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the_dark_one1384d ago

but thats the thing some people like it others dont. some gaming journalists probably just want to put the game down because they are on an agenda others because they cant see past what the game is going to be after awhile when all the big updates come in, and then theres the troll journalists who are just trolls.

blackbeld1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

Exactly, they are not journalists but only reviewers. Reviewers that call themselves journalists.

Gamers are better reviewers so guys, read on n4g gamers review is always better then some sites with agendas.

Saithraphim1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

Such a pleasant surprise that the game is getting great review. Its one of the few games we were expecting that, we just didn't know what to expect...with the cancellation and all the rumors...this is great way to prove that you can't prejudge a game just because it has difficulty out the gates. Cant wait to get my hands on it.

Edit: not cancellation, delay

SoapShoes1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

Yet you won't see those trolls here. My God never have I seen so many trolls for a game than this here and even on Amazon.... I'd go as far to say even some reviews are trolling like GameSpot, it wasn't even a review barely had any info about the game. It's sad how some sites have such double standards too. The same sites that gave Forza 5 good reviews are slamming this for lack of content.... But didn't F5 only have 13 tracks? It also lacked weather or even a standard day cycle. Yet if they used the same standard here for that game it would have had tons of 4/10 reviews skewing the outlook of a pretty good game.

Ka7be1384d ago

Just play the game. and stop giving reviews with scores any credit.

corroios1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

Are you surprise? its always like this. For some games they Forget the lack of content, the lack AA, tracks, cardboard people, rez, frames, trees, no dynamic stuff and clear downgrade from the trailers that were suppose to show how the game was! can escape showing a game running on high end PC and the selling something that isnt the same...

But with this game they have a huge problem. We all can try the it. Lets just wait and see. When dust setttle and we see how many will get this game, then some fanboys will... but, but, but i thought some reviews sad it was crap, but why is it selling so much?

marlinfan101384d ago

standard day and night cycle don't make a game. thats where this generations going in the wrong direction, people think that the environment and graphics should make a game, the content does! f5's an EXCELLENT game when it comes to driving, thats why it got good scores. f5s still very popular a year after release, its not a coincidence.

driveclubs a decent, slightly above average game, and thats what its scoring like.

Blackleg-sanji1384d ago

It would seem all the big sites gave it low scores while almost every and I mean every little site gave it a great score I dont get it? Im enjoying it alot.

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