Make Assassin's Creed: Unity 1080p/60 FPS On PS4: "Put Each Console At What It Can Handle": Petition

"Just because the Xbox One cannot handle 1080p that is reason for the people who have a PS4 to be held back as well. And the same for FPS, assuming the PS4 can handle 60 FPS as well."

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Eonjay1407d ago

Not even so much about 1080p 60FPS. You just don't nerf one version to cater to another. If that was the case there would be no room for high end graphics cards because everyone would have to play the same version.

Kayant1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

Yh considering they are cpu-bound as they have explained 60fps is unlikely anyway. But higher that 900p/better or more effects is likely given the GPU differences.

This is basically how PC gamers must feel when a console port doesn't have any customisations(Graphics,contro ls, etc) to tune to their hardware.

u4one1407d ago

The way I understood after the mysterious "clarification" that it was due to CPU limitations because there were too many NPC's on screen at any one given time. - Lowering the resolution helped make up some difference. That is their official response at least. Do you know if thats false?

mikeslemonade1407d ago

haha I love this backlash and outcry. Activision tried to fix the drama but they created more drama. They deserve this!

uptownsoul1407d ago

Your not going to buy a car that has a top speed of 160mph but has been artificially capped at 70mph, no matter how great it rides or how good the features are on it, or "how fun it is". If the speedometer says 160 or 180 or 210, I better be able to get the car to that speed right off the lot…PERIOD…Otherwise, I take my money elsewhere

hello121407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

Pontbriand also told Videogamer that Unity's A.I. and on-screen non-player characters require more power from the CPU (the limiting factor) rather than the GPU. This has lead to a spec that is lower than the maximum 1080p, 60 frames per second output of which the new consoles are capable.

They have explained already why it can't be 1080p, do you guys just ignore this stuff or what? The AI needs more CPU power ( more AI characters you'll see) Games can run easily on PS4 at 1080p if its just about the graphics. This game is open world with lot of AI walking around.

900p upscaled to 1080p, is fine if Ubisoft is creating a better looking open world game.

Ubisoft just give the PS4 owners 1080p with less AI and lets see if they'll be happy with that. They only care about that 1080p give them want they want.

60fps for PS4 keep dreaming. Sony first party titles don't even reach that talk about delusional.

darthv721407d ago

just throwing this out there but if this game is so demanding then why dont they just NOT release it for consoles? not every game has to come out for consoles.

In this day and age where PC graphic cards carry half to more than half graphics memory in comparison to the ps4/xb1 total memory as well as the PC's can have double the system memory (that seems excessive) then there will be compromises when it comes to making things fit.

I am reminded of when Doom 3 was a very intense game on PC system resources and yet they squeezed what they could to make it work within the limitations of the original xbox and its paltry 64mb of ram.

So while perhaps this game can do 1080p doing so would be at the cost of something else. The graphical fidelity (detail) would likely have to be reduced to achieve the resolution people are demanding.

but in all fairness, resolution does not make a game fun to play or win any awards. Its the story and how well it draws the player into the game as well as the game play itself.

ThanatosDMC1407d ago

^ Activision? Wtf are you talking about? AC:U is by Ubisoft. Cant even troll properly.

DevilOgreFish1407d ago

"Make Assassin's Creed: Unity 1080p/60 FPS On PS4: "Put Each Console At What It Can Handle": Petition"

Ubisoft - Ok, time to make some cutbacks., Are people that thick.

user3672721407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

If exclusive games like Infamous ss, driveclub, the orders 1866, bloodborne can't even sniff 1080p and 60fps, how in the world can a third party game with an engine built specifically for multiplatform like Assassin's creed Unity with so many more AIs and bigger environment to calculate that is gonna taxed the hardware gonna do that? These people literally think the PS4 is comparable to a high end PC. Smh

n4rc1407d ago


Fair point but false... Tons of sports cars are governed to 155mph even tho they can all go faster..

iDadio1407d ago

1080p 60fps still won't change the fact this is yet another samey AC game. I get why they have gone with parity for marketing purposes but admitting it was a stupid idea so early.

blackbeld1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

Please stop guys!
Don't make this console gen a petition generation. {。^◕‿◕^。}

If Ubisoft wants to make it 720p then so be it. Just vote with you're wallet.

Kreshi1407d ago

make it 1080p on both.

AliTheSnake11407d ago

60 fps? They want the graphics to look like shit ?
You can only push too much.

BlackWolf121407d ago

Improving the resolution will not have any effect on the CPU. Resolution is largely reliant on the GPU, the CPU handles AI, which is apparently the reason for the 30fps.

The PS4 has more powerful hardware, that's a stone cold fact, so saying that the PS4 can't handle more than the XB1 is just lies.

wsoutlaw871407d ago

It doesnt make a difference how much ai they are using or anything like that. The fact is, the ps4 is definitely more powerful and therefore should perform better. The ps4 has more power so it doesnt matter much where you are using it, it is still more powerful.

Plenty of devs aim for at least close to parity to want it to perform well on the lowest system. Im not sure what Ubi is going to do now, because they cant just change it now after all they said, and the complaining isnt going to stop.

UltimateMaster1406d ago

1080p, 30fps. or having an option to unlock 30fps like Infamous SS.
60fps is overkill for an open-world game.

Insomnia_841406d ago

All I know is that Microsoft needs to get the **ck out of console gaming! They are like a efcking cancer to everything they put their hands into!

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imt5581407d ago

Ass Ass Ins Creed : Unity @1080p/60fps on PS4... NO


wsoutlaw871407d ago

ya theres no way they could just turn it up to 1080 60fps

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FITgamer1407d ago

60 fps might be a stretch, but i agree with 1080p.

EXVirtual1407d ago

I just don't know how Ubisoft is gonna react to this aside from some more bs smoke and mirrors.

KiwiViper851407d ago

Xbox One upscales to 1080p so ye that's what Xbox One version will run at...

gamer78041406d ago

It's cpu limited... I don't know why people keep misunderstanding what is keeping it at 900p... The xb1 isn't holding the ps4 back in this case.

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ImHyjack1407d ago

Why not the Original XBOX got nurfed all the time because of the Pos Ps2. That being said they can both run At 1080 Ub is just being lazy pure and simple

ChronoJoe1407d ago

The original XBOX launched over a year later. So Microsoft new exactly what they were getting into with that move.

With a vastly smaller install base, how many developers did they expect to put their system as the lead platform?

It makes sense to support the most successful platform as your lead platform. Microsofts original XBOX was not a huge success, so it was overlooked, an abundance of mediocre ports or merely rejection from big game publishers. However that wasn't to anyone's surprise.

This is different, because the PS4 is the lead platform, leading by nearly double the number of units sold. So you could argue some merit to making the most of the hardware.

With that said, the petition is stupid.

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Anon19741407d ago

I really don't know why this is suddenly as issue. Microsoft had their parity clause in force all last gen and you never heard anything about it. For any game, Microsoft reserved the right to deny launch if there wasn't console parity and even though we have no idea how often they enforced that, you know it had to have been in the back of developers minds during development. We had all these fantastic examples of excellent looking PS3 console exclusives, so we knew what the PS3 was capable of, yet so often multiplat releases didn't seem to be playing to the PS3's strengths in showing us visuals we knew the system was capable of. Why do you think that was?

And now we have evidence that it's happening again with the PS4, and we're suddenly surprised? It's been happening for years.

Christopher1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

I think the issue is that it's pretty glaring now. Back then, you could say it's because of the difficulty of the PS3 architecture. Now, it's much harder to believe.

The problem with this is that even if Ubisoft is 100% correct on not being able to get it to either, no one is going to believe them unless they have an ulterior motive to the belief.

I don't believe the really tried to push them to their limits and instead get both to the same line, just to be honest. read: I do believe they could have gone further on PS4 resolution. But, that is just my opinion.

If there was a way they could prove this, I'd love to see it. But, even a demo can be faked to make it look impossible.

Man, I hate being so cynical sometimes. Sometimes I envy the ignorant. :(

Neonridr1407d ago

I think the PS3 ports suffered so bad because the lead platform was the 360. Since the architectures weren't close to each other (PowerPC vs Cell) some developers had a hard time getting the PS3 version to run properly. Not so much that MS paid to have versions held back.

Sony exclusives looked better because 1st party developers always know how to push their systems better than a 3rd party.

gangsta_red1407d ago

Oh lord...

The parity issues had and has nothing to do with graphics, as many multiplat games on PS3 looked better on it's system than they did on 360.

"Why do you think that was?"

Aren't you a developer? It's because you don't waste time (MONEY) and resources trying to make one look better using the complicated architecture that was the Cell. Did you skip all of last gen and those reasons that were stated when multiplat games were buggy and framerate issues that only appeared on PS3?

Of course the exclusives looked better since that first party devs only concentrated on the PS3 and was familiar with all of it's inner workings.
But with 3rd parties they have the 360, PC and sometimes even the Wii/U to consider.

There's no "evidence" how can there be evidence when you just said:

"and even though we have no idea how often they enforced that"

In fact there are NO known stories of MS enforcing it or if they ever did. And if I remember there was also a clause from Sony demanding extra content for a title if it appeared on 360 first..(Vesperia, Mass Effect...) but you don't hear that excuse getting thrown around, just the parity clause that a Sony head ousted by the way so the internet could go crazy and their fans could run with it.

Just the same 'ol suspects jumping to conclusions that MS is forcing parity. It's just like FF-13 where everyone swore up and down that MS gimped FF for some unknown reason.

Why would MS force parity on an established brand like AC? You really think MS would deny this game if it looked better on PS4? You think the position MS is in with X1 they would deny an established IP like AC because it has a higher framerate.

Did they deny CoD, about any of the other games that released on PS4 at 1080p and X1 at 900? Where those denied because of PARITY? Time to start thinking beyond the same lame excuse when a ps4 title doesn't live up to the expectations you think it should.

Anon19741407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

gangsta_red said " It's because you don't waste time (MONEY) and resources trying to make one look better using the complicated architecture"

I have no doubt that with some devs this is an issue, but to say that no developer would ever "waste their time" taking advantage of more powerful hardware to make the best game they possibly can, that's ridiculous.

"if I remember there was also a clause from Sony demanding extra content"
As a Sony developer myself, I'm not allowed to discuss the details of the clauses and agreements I signed. That being said, I've never heard of such a thing, nor is this part of any agreement that I signed.

"In fact there are NO known stories of MS enforcing it"
Microsoft openly discussed this issue and defended the policy. Do you honestly believe that they didn't also enforce it?

"Why would MS force parity on an established brand like AC?" I don't know. Just off the top of my head, maybe because they can, and the public perception that games are better on the PS4 seems to be resonating with gamers? Perhaps MS didn't think it would be much of a factor before with established franchises and now they're starting to play hardball with devs due to the Xbox One's position versus the PS4.

Ubisoft isn't going to argue and lose the entire Xbox One market. You've got to be pretty naive to believe that Microsoft has the parity clause, vigorously defends it publicly and yet doesn't enforce it on some level.

maniacmayhem1407d ago

I also worked with Sony TRC's and I am pretty sure there is a type of clause that states exactly that. But that was a while ago and during the PS3.

"Do you honestly believe that they didn't also enforce it?"

Then please share with us when they did enforce this parity. There are a lot of policies from each company in place for anything that may happen, doesn't mean that they are regularly enforced.

The issue here is the belief that you think MS had something to do with AC: Unity's resolution on PS4 due to the parity clause. And if I am not mistaken the parity clause has nothing to do with resolution for a game. It has to do with content on the game. As gangsta said, both CoD and battlefield came to X1 with lower resolutions than their PS4 counterpart, you think MS would deny AC another very popular game for consoles?

"Why do you think that was?"

I would answer that but I think everyone above and below your comment has covered why. I find it hard to believe you are developer and you didn't know the answer as to why multiplats did not look or run better on the PS3.

"Ubisoft isn't going to argue and lose the entire Xbox One market."

But they are willing to piss off the PS4 market which is currently bigger with more consoles in households across the world and is the number one console today? How much sense does that make?

"pretty naive to believe that Microsoft has the parity clause, vigorously defends it publicly and yet doesn't enforce it on some level."

And yet there has been no stories of MS enforcing it once. You would think that after all the stories and articles we get about this parity clause there would have been at least one dev who came out and said they were shut down because of the parity clause.

Machiavellian1406d ago

There was never a parity clause for retail games. People continue to get confused about the parity clause. First, the parity clause was only on XBLA games. The clause stated that if a game is made on another system first and then ported to XBLA it had to have the exact same content.

Here is the link

There is nothing about features or graphical parity or resolution. This is the reason you see differences between Sony and MS game along those lines.

Anon19741406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

@Machiavellian. In your own link the article mentions content parity was required for disk based games. Graphical differences are considered "feature and content parity" which is what Microsoft is concerned about in addition to release parity. It's kinda funny that you mention that people always get it wrong when your own article seems to be at odds with what you're saying.

kstap331406d ago

So much misinformation on this site... absolutely hilarious read. Keep it up you arm chair developer kids. It's like listening to my 12 & 13 year old nephews argue about technology.

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gangsta_red1407d ago

They have already explained why they can't for each console. They never said one nerfed the other. No one strongly insinuated, those are just fanboys thinking that every game for the PS4 HAS to be in 1080p/60fps.

There is so much going on with this new AC that no one is taking into consideration, more characters on screen, more AI, multiple players in the same world same environment.

Infamous Second Son if I remember ran at 1080p/30fps and it didn't have nearly as many NPC's on it's city streets, no multiplayer and anything else AC is currently sporting.

PS4 is not as powerful as this site wants everyone to believe. It has it's limits too.

EXVirtual1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

That being said, it is more powerful than the XBO. No denying that.
If 1080p could be achieved on both, why make it 900p? To appease the common denominator. Simple as.
Almost every game, the PS4 performs better. Let's not act as if that never happened.
60fps is unlikely, but it should be at least native 1080p on PS4.

Christopher1407d ago

***PS4 is not as powerful as this site wants everyone to believe. It has it's limits too.***

And apparently the only console that can improve is the Xbox One since it stayed the exact same with all these new bells and whistles and the PS4 got downgraded.

That seems so plausible.

I guess the MisterX is totally right. The Xbox One is the most powerful console out there right now and will prove to the world that it can equal up the PS4 in every way. This definitely has nothing to do with management mandated parity in a world where money switches hands. It's all about how powerful the Xbox One is and how the PS4 loses its power over time rather than holding up to what it's done in other games almost consistently over the last last year.

DragonKnight1407d ago

@cgoodno: You're forgetting that the power of the cloud plus the dGPU is going to make the Xbox One version better than the PC version of the game. MisterX said so and he has insider information on everything.

MrPink20131407d ago

How many PS4 titles are 1080p and 60 frames per second? Even Driveclub that just came out isn't. Do people really expect miracles out of a $400 machine? I do expect a patch though to make it 1080p and 30 frames per second.

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geddesmond1407d ago

What I don't get is the AI uses up a lot of the CPU so why don't they take out 1/4 of those AI because all that dumb AI ever did in an Assasin creed game was get in my way and annoy the crap out of me. Anyway screw a petition, I'll sign my own by not giving them a purchase. Its all people who make money understand and listen to. So talk to them like me.

kstap331406d ago

You'd rather them alter the gameplay to get a few more pixels? YOU are what's wrong with gaming.

geddesmond1406d ago

@Kstap. No you are whats wrong with gaming with your accept everything these publishers do attitude. Eh since when does the Crowd AI alter gameplay?? Oh so those beggars in the street who keep running after you and getting in your way or the hundreds of dumb people walking around mindlessly is the gameplay AC offers.

Ah well, too bad the X1 sucks so bad that its bringing gaming down with it. Have fun with your last gen game.

starchild1407d ago

Yeah, but people are being ridiculous if they think a game with graphics and scale like these could run at 1080p and 60fps on the PS4, specifically the 60fps part. Just shows a total lack of understanding about these things.

In all likelihood neither console could handle the game at 1080p so they chose to render at 900p and get more out of both machines. But the PS4 version will likely have other graphical advantages other than resolution.

DragonKnight1407d ago

The scale is, if you believe Ubisoft's PR talk, not the problem. It's the A.I.

Again, IF you believe their PR email from an unnamed source.

ThePope1407d ago

I really love all the experts on how 1080p is completely doable and how amazing it will be. You all should get together and start a game studio. With all the expertise in this article you'd never have to look for talent. I can't wait to play your game!

kstap331406d ago

These threads are great for entertainment, but nothing else. No one here knows anything about games development (including me), yet look at all these experts ;)

Greyfoxdbz1407d ago

Imagine they started doing this in schools. the smartest kids in the classes get their grades capped to match the less intelligent kids. How furious would parents be

Bdub20001407d ago

Has anyone actually "proven" that the X1 is keeping down the PS4 version? At this point, everyone can only jump to conclusions.

I'm talking about real proof, first hand, article proof. Not your made up fanboy story. Submit a real story. Right now, everyone has freaked out based on rumour and conjecture. Like the whole world is going to end because PS4 didn't hit 1080 on a game.


kstuffs1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

Kinda like how The Order 1886 is not native 1080p because it's more cinematic to render two black bars. If the 1886 and KZ MP can't get native 1080p, then what makes people think that either console can achieve ALL of the above in an open-world AND a ton of AI and NPC? Let's see:

open world, action-adventure
30 fps
900p = 1600*900 = 1,440,000

corridor action-adventure
30 fps
800p = 1920*800 = 1,536,000 for "cinematic" feel

frezhblunts1407d ago

Like kstuffs said 1886 still looks great. Dude even mario kart 8 looks beautiful at 720p native, 1080 upscaled, 59fps . I would say 60 fps but for every min it drops to 59 fps supposely, can't tell.

frezhblunts1407d ago

I have a ps4 chill out kiddies. The game will still be fun if you like the series. Don't blame xbox one it can achieve those numbers and once and a while my wii u can but i mean not every game on ps4 is native 1080p and 60 fps together plus some needed updates, give devs time with the new consoles. Geez like the game will still be in hd and the gameplay should be the same

TheXgamerLive1407d ago

The author of this on gamepur is the type of bad sony fanboy we dont need.
Its stated to be CPU bound thus limited by the ps4 more than the Xbox One 1.6 vs 1.75, either way people err more like the kids who complain just need to chill.
1080p is not whats most important. 720p or higher upscales to 1080p so i say use the available resources to make the gameplay better.

r1sh121406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

yeah, Understand the tech as I do im sure the ps4 will get 1080p, I dont think it will hit 60fps.

Xbone will stay at 900p with 30 fps..
Its actually a good thing MS didnt call it the xbox 720 :/

Muzikguy1406d ago

Definitely. As I said in another post this is just ridiculous. Every Sony system before the PS4 was littered with bad ports and poorly optimized games. Much of that was due to the lack of memory I believe. Anyway we have that now and we're still getting "nerfed". Seems Sony just can't win either way.

Welcome to the 8th gen... Where horror makes a comeback, boob physics are all the rage, and AAA games get catered to the LCD

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Neonridr1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

It's not like the Xbox One can't handle 1080p. Clearly there are games out there that are 1080p (Destiny, Alien Isolation, Diablo 3). But sometimes when the Xbox One wants to achieve 1080p there is a performance hit when it comes to FPS.

Who knows, maybe AC Unity pushes a lot of other stuff on the screen and rather than having the PS4 version at 1080p but with an unstable framerate, they decided to cap it for both so that everyone would have an enjoyable experience.

Would the PS4 users really be pushing for 1080p over 900p if it meant that you couldn't have a locked framerate? I myself, would prefer to have the game running solidly instead of having some extra pixels on the screen that playing at 10+ feet away really are lost to the eyes anyways at the expense of a varying framerate..

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Genuine-User1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

PS4 is roughly 45-50% more powerful than an X-ONE, so theoretically it's possible for Ubisoft to up the resolution without any hit on the performance.

Genuine-User1407d ago

Disagreeing with facts is the new low on N4G.
Fanboys should get their heads checked by a doctor.

Genuine-User1407d ago

@ Pandamobile, yes it is.
Have you been living in a cave for the past year or so?

TheDevKit1407d ago

The PS4 is NOT 45-50% more powerful than the Xbox One; but you'd be correct in saying the PS4 is more powerful.

Aussiebeachbabe1407d ago

45/50% ha ha ha more like 20/25% . Deluded fanboys.

Genuine-User1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

@ TheDevKit & AussieBadger
You guys are disagreeing with FACTS.
Here is an indepth look at the CPU, GPU and RAM for both consoles.

kstuffs1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

So why KZ MP was not native 1080p? So why did a 900p game win the award for Best Real-Time Graphics? And better yet, why is DriveClub not 60 fps? After all, it's 50% more powerful than the XB1.

xTheMercenary_1407d ago

The numbers say 50% more power but the actual output power would be like 20% at max

umair_s511407d ago

@Genuine-User The PS4 is not always 45-50% powerful than x1. Nor does a 45-50% difference always get you 900p to 1080p jump.

When you visit your family doctor ask for a head-examination for yourself, as you are keen on insulting others with factually flawed arguments.

Let me remind you that an increase in graphical fidelity requires almost an exponential increase in power, so lets say that even if the PS4-gpu has more raw grunt than x1, the delta in on-screen visual improvement is not always proportional.

TheXgamerLive1407d ago

No, it's not. Is the only thing that makes a car fast the engine? Hell no.