Evidence Edge May Not Be In WWE 2K15’s Roster

Popular WWE Hall of Famer, Edge, may not be in WWE 2K15 as the man has stated on Twitter he hasn’t been notified of being in the game yet.

Edge was kind enough to answer some Twitter questions asked from fans. One humorous exchange was one fan congratulating him on being in WWE 2K15. Edge answered back saying: “Didn’t know I was in it. Thanks”

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TheJacksonRGN1412d ago

He could have been joking but we shall see.

gangsta_red1412d ago

"Popular WWE Hall of Famer.."

I like Edge and all but WWE Hall of Fame? It's like these guys will induct anyone as long as you don't murder anybody.

I mean seriously, is Lanny Poffo in the Hall of Fame too?

trickman8881411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

He was part of multiple tag team stables, fought some of the best matches in TLC type matches(hardy boys, dudley boyz). He managed to even ascend to main event status, and beat characters like John Cena, and Kane. Won the WWE and WHC multiple times. And has even fought against the all time greats such as The Undertaker. Won the Royale Rumble. As well as been apart of the business for a long time b4 his injury.

Why WOULDN'T he be apart of the hall of fame, you potato?

FullmetalRoyale1411d ago

*five second pose*

The stuff of legend.

Rainbowcookie1411d ago

^^this I fully agree . But I have to give it to the fan congratulating him , some Batman deducting move for the fans to see who's in and who's not. Smart move.

HighlyDoubtful1411d ago

Who really cares? I would much rather have more current guys as opposed to the same retired guys that are in every game.