USA Today: NBA 2K15 Review

"The Achilles heel of the 2k series has always been its shaky online infrastructure, and it remains to be seen whether or not that aspect of the game has truly improved from last year. In the online matches I played, there was noticeable lag that affected my timing on shots and movements on defense (trying to stay in front of a guard like Russell Westbrook is almost impossible). The game wasn’t unplayable by any stretch, but compared to the buttery-smooth gameplay against the AI, it’s a frustrating experience.

Sports video games are often criticized as $60 roster updates, but NBA 2k15 is a meaningful step forward for the franchise, and there’s enough new content here to please even the most hardcore 2k fans. Even if you only like basketball a little, if you have a next-gen console, you should play NBA 2k15."

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u4one1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

Well this game is certainly reviewing consistently well. It's too bad I'm not a huge basketball fan. It looks great though.

bahabeast1232d ago

i always knew this game was gonna be a must buy my only problem is i havnt upgraded to next generation or this generation i should say, im still enjoying my ps3 and i am still planning on getting this game.

Bhuahahaha1232d ago

wow my last 2k was 2009
im so gonna get this one. reading lots of good stuff about this game