GTA V Remastered: 11 Things You Probably Didn’t Know

GTA V is still firmly etched into the public conscious as one of the greatest achievements in the industry – from just the game world itself, the revamped city of San Andreas has an unmatched sense of detail that ensures every corner you turn contains something new. It seems that even with that 8GB install Rockstar weren’t content though, and so after much discussion on potential release dates, GTA V Next-Gen, GTA V HD, Remastered or whatever we’re calling it is arriving November 18th with a slew of both new and updated features.

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BattleReach1356d ago

Clicked 12 times and it was a total waste of time since I already knew everything. Should've read the comments before :(


Mikeyy1356d ago

Same here I should have checked the comments first. That website is obnoxious.

HammadTheBeast1355d ago

These bullshit Buzzfeed type articles need to be banned on N4G this is getting old and out of hand.


ArtificiallyYours1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

Can we also stop confusing "updated" with "remaster"? Look what happened with Star Wars Original Trilogy on DVD... Technically that was a step back, but intended as an 'remaster'.

Iceball20001355d ago

It's not a remaster, it was always coming to next gen

raWfodog1355d ago

It is a remaster in the sense that the graphics have been enhanced and more content has been added. Remastered doesn't mean 'coming to next-gen' even though that has been the reason to offer these recent 'remastered' versions.

spacedelete1355d ago

i agree. its like calling any cross gen game a remaster. the only difference between GTAV and a cross gen game is that GTAV is releasing a lot later than the original release.

Iceball20001353d ago

yeah thank you thats what i was trying to get at. lol

jeenyus1355d ago

Aren't people sick of these "10/12/15 reasons..." titles?
90% are clickbait.

HammadTheBeast1355d ago

I just check N4G comments to see if someone has put the list up, otherwise, not wasting my time.

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