Destiny Hot Fix - 10/07/2014 - Several Hours Downtime.

The following update will be applied at approximately 7AM Pacific on Tuesday, October 7th. The maintenance window for this work will interrupt Destiny services for several hours. You will be unable to play the game during that time.

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SojournUK1377d ago

Only found this out as I was booted from the Mars Mission 'The Black Garden' I was right at the end as well! Bugger!

SojournUK1377d ago

Tell me about it! At least it's only a single mote of light I missed from not completing the mission/game ;)

Just gonna have to smash my way through the mission again tomorrow I guess! Maybe I'll get some decent drops after the changes they make :)

Alexander1Nevermind1377d ago

Man that's tough. I went on preparing to solo the last part for the Thorn gun but an alert popped up saying that there may be intermittent disruptions in the connection to servers so I just farmed on the earth instead.

Silver3601377d ago

We were doing weekly Nightfall had boss down to half his life and was booted. Damn

thekhurg1377d ago

Was hoping they'd hot-fix the broke-ass weapons in this game before Iron Banner started. Guess legendary/exotic autorifles will still be faceroll to win.

BootyBandit1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

Several hours!!!
I almost have my Hunter to the same level as my Titan. I seriously am going through with draw already. I play this game several hours per day and have since I picked it up nearly 2 weeks ago. I'm seriously addicted. I have a ton of spare time to kill right now and no servers to shoot it out on.

SojournUK1377d ago

I just had update 1.0.4 pushed to me on my PS4, The hotfix says there is a patch going live, wtf is 1.0.4?

the_dark_one1377d ago

i think they have a bunch of updates in a big bowl and they hand pick one, and that one is the one they going to put live. it doesnt need to be in a straight order.