Giantbomb Quick Look: Driveclub

Sorry, man. The only way you're getting in this club is if your hatch is HOT.

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nicksetzer11296d ago (Edited 1296d ago )

This video is pretty much what you need to see to make an informed decision of the game. It lays it all out and is really in depth. The opinions discussed in this video aside, you can easily tell if this is the game for you based on this. I personally, am largely underwhelmed but I still plan to play the PS+ version ... whenever it actually releases.

NewMonday1296d ago

many other reviewers loved the handling, it's personal preference

nicksetzer11296d ago (Edited 1296d ago )

And? This is a video showing the game overall and decribing it. Nothing more. Surely not a review.

SoapShoes1296d ago

Why would you disagree with him? @nicksetzer1 - And? He was just pointing out it's preference.

higgins781296d ago

Actually no. The majority of reviews are pointing out the leaning towards 'arcade handling' slightly out of line with the more serious nature of the games frontend.

NewMonday1296d ago


actually you are wrong, big majority of reviews love the handling

Lightning Mr Bubbles1296d ago (Edited 1296d ago )

LOL, I watched this whole video it was hilarious, it was so entertaining somehow, I mean I watched it all.

I was mostly confused by all the options and menu's and nothing about clubs and challenges seems appealing at all, not the drifting challenges or time trials but that's true for all racing games like even Gran Turismo, I'm not a fan of racing games at all, the only thing I liked about what he said about the game was the way he describes the handling and gameplay, he says the cars have a good grip and it's not quite simulator and not quite arcade but something in between which sounds about what I would like because I find super fast arcade racers pretty pointless and boring as all I do is drive too fast till I can't see and wreck, and I don't like racing simulator games like GT or Forza cause all I do is turn wrong and spin off the track, so hearing the word "good grip" was so welcome!!! Doing trials to get licences is super boring for me also.

I liked how the game looked and the lighting effects, the night time driving, the way you can make the time of day change, pretty cool for a racer.

Overall I thought the game looked pretty cool for a racing game, it seems like this is stylish racer way above Forza Horizon in that department but not as good in gameplay for driving simulator fans, I hope we can demo the game, see if I like it at all.

PeaSFor1295d ago

Jeff's main complaint is with the handling which obviously differs drastically from person to person. I think it feels great and is much more on the arcade side of things while still having a bit of weight to it. Pretty similar to the PGR series. I think the problem might be that some are coming at the angle of it being a simulation focused game, when it's really the exact opposite. Hell, it's a challenge focused game.

The reviews of this game seem a little all over the place when looking at the neogaf review thread. I'm surprised the comments thus far are just writing this game off, just because Jeff has some strong personal feelings against how it "feels".

..and btw peoples should go watch the QL comments section for more on this - Jeff is just a downer on this i totally expected him to shit on it from the start.

If nothing else the game is incredibly atmospheric which is almost weird to say for a racing game. Fog rolls through some levels creating a rather dreary feel while others are sun-bleached, making corners exhilarating to take. You can almost feel the cold in some of the snow levels, really top-notch work and I can't imagine how the game is going to look once the weather system is added.

Favorite part is the day/night cycle though which as far as I can remember as only been done in track based games in GT5/6 so far. Starting out in the early morning as the sun rises blinding you and ending at night where you're going entirely by your headlights is great. Some people think the game is sterile, but the lighting system really makes the game come alive for me.

The tight controls and impressive lighting make playing the game a joy. Really looking forward to the weather system.

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Bathyj1296d ago

Man, and I thought you were going to love this game too. You've been so hyped.

caseh1296d ago (Edited 1296d ago )

For those that haven'tseen it yet, Giantbomb have reviewed this and they've given it 40/100 or uhhh 2/5

bleedsoe9mm1296d ago

jeff is tough but one of the best in the business IMO

Lightning Mr Bubbles1296d ago

LOL, yeah well I can tell by what he was saying in the video that he was not going to give it a good score at all. It was pretty obvious.

user3672721296d ago

Wow..really. A 40/100? The last game I could remember getting a score like this from Giantbomb wad Thief 3 released earlier this year.

higgins781296d ago

Really, really starting to regret my PS4 (day 1) purchase now, if I didn't already before. We get this much delayed racing game while the Wii U has Mario Kart 8 and the Xbox One For a Horizon 2? Also the constant shift from rewarding PS+ owners with this game to now leaving us with the sort of demo version...quite a move. Honestly, with all the great games due out before Christmas and backlogs, I doubt I'll even download DriveClub - 'free' or not.

Funantic11296d ago

The reception and reviews on this game hasn't been the greatest. In the video at 7:30 the guy says the game doesn't feel realistic.