The Iron Banner: Loot, Lore, and What to Expect


The great test is upon us. Starting tomorrow, October 7th, The Iron Banner will fly. What does this mean for you?

Iron Banner is a new Crucible (PVP) mode which features no gear balancing. "The power ratings on your weapons and armor are crucial to victory." The closer your Light level is to 30, the better off you probably are. Use your strongest weapons and armor. The event only lasts for one week (until the 14th), but we imagine it will return occasionally.

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Neonridr1356d ago

Ultimately this is the same as the Queen's Wrath only all the bounties are centered around this new Crucible event. Having a look at what the person sells, I am not super eager to do any of these bounties..

lifesanrpg1356d ago

If I can grind to rank 3, buying all those items with Crucible marks will be awesome. 10 Crucible marks per weapon? I could get every Legendary weapon offered

Neonridr1356d ago

yeah, I am liking how "cheap" everything is.. and I mean you get rep just by playing..

LackTrue4K1356d ago

I play the new/weekly updates...and there just renamed missions i all really played over 6 times each last week?!

Im asking, are they really new? or just renamed old missions?


bigboss19901355d ago

I'm trading this in for far cry 4 this is boring :/

Galletto31355d ago

You can expect your entire team to quit once you start losing because you get no xp for a loss.

Seems like a big oversight on Bungie's part

JeffGUNZ1355d ago

Yeah, I have experienced that. I lost several games when it was just me and another player against a full team. They need to give like 25 for winning and 10 for losing and playing.