NeoGAF, N4G, Others Fix EDGE's Top 10 Games of Last Generation List (Video)

A lot of people said there were several games missing from EDGE's Top 10 Games of Last Generation Video. And so this video happened.

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mikeslemonade1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

The internet's list sucks. It's not "your" top 10. My list of top 10 games consider everything from influential effect, sales, innovation, and life to date comparisons. So my top 10 games is the most valid. And I will say mine again.

1. COD4 most influential game, sales, graphics, online innovative leveling up
2. Uncharted 2 second most influential game, graphics,graphics, graphics
3. Gears of War 1 Graphics graphics graphics, great early cover system, almost single handedly killed PS3
4. Bioshock 1 graphics, gameplay, story, rpg elements
5. Mass Effect 1 graphics, gameplay, story, Rpg elements, dialogue trees
6. The last of Us has every mentioned above and pushed PS3 hardware but it's only #7 because it came out too late

7. GTA5 (see TLOU reason)
8. Red Dead graphics and immersive free roam
9. Bayonetta best hack slash game of the generation also impressive in gameplay and battle system
10. Portal 1 most innovative game of the genration while also having the impressive visuals at the time

Notice that's not my personal favorites otherwise I would have NBA 2k11 and madden in it. Those are the games that moved the industry forward and shaped the industry. All factors guys not just if you personally like the game. And befor you make fun of my grammar, I wrote all of this on my smartphone.

Kumomeme1413d ago

soul series like demon soul or dark soul should be in the list
the game play important role for gaming revolution in term of gameplay experience and other stuff

Kumomeme1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

funny this mikeslemonade PM me and saying those things:

"I'd say Demon Souls would be a top 15 but the games didn't run that well on last gen hardware. Clunky controls and inferior graphics. The game didn't come with its share of problems that's why it's not top 10 material. Also Demon Souls only got runner up Game of the Year for a "weaker year".

You can't be a top 10 last gen game if you got problems but excel in areas also. My top 10 game list has some pretty much flawless games. No game is perfect but my top 10 doesn't have lingering issues in the said game. "

nobody care to your list either way,dont think you such almighty to think you list are flawed...more people disagree it than agree

see?nobody care either way,i just say,why such hate?

funny a people who dont know to play soul series claiming it to be inferior..

soul series really top 10...
it was pure gaming experience
you see lord of fallen?that due to soul's series aftermath

HaveAsandwich1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

where the eff is fallout? nvermind. they added it. complete.

gamerfan09091414d ago

Here's my thing with these top 20 lists. If you;re going to do a top 20 list then what's the criteria? Is this just the best games that you like or are we grading these games off of sales, critical acclaim, impact on the industry, and innovation. To me if you're a big website and you publish a any list like this you need to make what the criteria is from the get go. I'm sorry Dark Souls, Street Fighter, Little Big Planet, Bayonetta, and some other ones are simply not top 10 material IMO. The crtieria should be unbiased and should include sales, impact on the industry, critical acclaim, and innovation.

DragonKnight1414d ago

It's funny how you go off on a tangent about criteria, then proceed to criticize games you believe aren't top 10 without providing criteria.

Sales should NEVER be included. Sales doesn't equal quality, and THAT'S what should be foremost.

By that kind of logic, McDonald's should always win any "top 10 restaurants in the world."

Ezz20131414d ago

reading your comment
i feel like two different persons with very different opinions wrote this comment

DragonKnight1414d ago

LMAO! 100% fact right here.

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