Magnetic By Nature Review | Ghost Volta

Blaze of Ghost Volta: "Successfully funded on Kickstarter and winner of both the Best Developed Game and Audience Choice awards at the 2013 Utah Game Wars competition, Magnetic By Nature is the debut title from Team Tripleslash. Magnetic By Nature is platforming without platforms: a fast-paced, single-player, 2D adventure mixing fluid motion, split-second decision making, machine-age visuals, and a dynamic soundscape. Magnetic By Nature is a lesson in static and dynamic force. In short, your Tron-like robot, Point One, has its own magnetic field and is drawn or repelled from different magnets, thus maintaining a sort of equilibrium. In this post-apocalyptic adventure, Point One is the last remaining robot that must journey through dangerous caverns and forgotten ruins to reactivate friends damaged in a magnetic cataclysm."

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