Metro: Driveclub Review

"Frankly it’s all far too similar to EA’s Autolog system, without offering any substantial improvements. Which is a problem, because Driveclub’s single-player experience is the most half-hearted and perfunctory of any racing game in the last several years. Part of the problem is that the although the stages look good the tracks themselves aren’t particularly well designed, and none of them make any real impressions.

Tour mode has a well-judged difficulty curve but beyond that it’s just boring race after boring track, that seems to be purposefully designed to make the game game seem even more soulless and forgettable than it already is."

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wodan1296d ago

A soulless and forgettable review.

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mikeslemonade1296d ago

Oh well PS4 is still dominating and racing is lame in general. Today go play NBA 2k15!

sobotz1296d ago

Even with no 2D spectator, weather and day night cycle, DriveClub still scores lower than FM5.

u4one1296d ago

Beyond the superficial things you just mentioned, Forza 5 is miles beyond Driveclub. It's a simulator with lots of nuts and bolts to tweak. Driveclub is an arcade game with unrealistic physics and no tweaking.

Dlacy13g1296d ago

For the sake of those that don't want to read the review here is the summary from the article:

In Short: A game that should probably have been cancelled rather than delayed, with its complete absence of personality or new ideas.

Pros: The graphics are excellent and the driving model is a good balance between accessibility and realism. Plenty of cars, all of which look great.

Cons: Utterly soulless on every level, with a bland single-player experience and online options that seem oblivious to the fact that Autolog already exists.

Gunstar751296d ago

Ouch!! Very strange seeing the reviews - either "meh" or "amazing" most of the well known sites seem to be more "meh" though.

Testfire1296d ago (Edited 1296d ago )

Really, haven't seen anything that refers to this game as "amazing". But yeah, ouch!

u4one1296d ago

I noticed that Playstation-centric joints seem to like it more than the big boys like IGN, Gamespot and so on. I'm sure it's just coincidence...

MysticStrummer1296d ago

Odd seeing here that the tracks aren't well designed when I just watched the Gametrailers review and heard that the tracks were impeccably designed.

alb18991296d ago (Edited 1296d ago )

Reviews are just opinions Bro!
Sum them all and you will get your answer 74 meta.....that's it.

MysticStrummer1296d ago

I agree that they're all opinions but I don't think all of them are honest, good or bad. I stopped paying attention to reviews back in the PS1 days. I look at them, but I'd never base a purchase on them.

SoapShoes1296d ago

Uhhh no because Meta doesn't count all reviews and a site that's in one review can be omitted in another. They are very inconsist .

equal_youth1296d ago (Edited 1296d ago )

i for one love the tracks and think they offer a great variety. this review seems a bit out off touch with everything the game offers.

Seems like a few fanboys get attracted by low scores but whatever. the game is great. go on and try the free ps+ version if a low score keeps you from buying it.

edit: i wonder if any of my disagreeing fellow n4g friends have actually played the game ^^

MysticStrummer1296d ago

Yeah I think the PS+ version will lead to a lot of sales over the next few months, especially once weather is added. I've already decided to buy a PS4 and DC based on the streams I've been watching over the last few days.

DarkOcelet1296d ago

Wtf is going on , this and Alien is getting bashed because they were hard and not for casuals or require some skills . I will never trust those journalists again.

1nsomniac1296d ago

...Is Driveclub a hard game??

I don't know I haven't played it but I never expected it to be anything more than a general arcade racer...

Ka7be1296d ago (Edited 1296d ago )

5.9/10 from IGN and you say not getting bashed.

DC is getting mixed scores same as Alien Isolation. and Alien Isolation is fantastic game.

People need to forget about review scores and play games they like.

@DarkOcelet and you got 10 Disagree from x1 trolls.

Volkama1296d ago (Edited 1296d ago )

He got disagrees because the observations he made are innaccurate.

Alien Isolation is generally getting critical praise, and I haven't seen anyone claim Driveclub is too hard. In fact I have seen several reviews state that the difficulty curve is good (including this one).

SoapShoes1296d ago

What are you talking about lots of sites slammed Alien.

LightofDarkness1296d ago

The reviewer commended the difficulty curve in Tour Mode?

equal_youth1296d ago

maybe the last generation was too "casualised"
too many games where far too easy. It is great that so many developers taking the old school route again.


and lets be honest there are a few of us gamers who have been vocal about games getting too easy, too accessable, too dumbed down etc.

Personally I like the ideas of games going back to the more oldschool way of story telling and gameplay, but then I guess I am a bit of an old school gamer now. not old old, but I can't say I feel young anymore lol.

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