Assassin's Creed Unity controls will take series regulars 'a few hours' to get used to, says Ubi

Assassin's Creed Unity's revamped control scheme will take series regulars "a few hours" to get used to, according to senior producer Vincent Pontbriand, who admits he's a little concerned that the new controls may upset fans when they come to play the game in November.

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TurboGamer1408d ago

This Vincent guy needs to shut the hell up quickly or nobody will end up buying AC Unity.

MSBAUSTX1407d ago

Not to mention I do not know an intelligent gamer out there that will need a few hours to figure out any control scheme. That is unless you are required to play with your feet or something.

Knightshade1407d ago

I played it recently. Took me about 30 minutes, max to be used to it. Not sure why he thinks hours...

starchild1407d ago

To get totally used to a new control scheme when you are used to another can take a decent amount of time. When I started playing Shadow of Mordor, for example, I was used to playing AC4 and since SOM was similar I had to adapt to the differences and that did take a little time until I was 100% comfortable with it.

gamerfan09091407d ago

Lol at nobody buying the game. This game will do gigantic business.

Meltic1407d ago

Buy from him ? never. Go to piratebay

Geekman1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

Something that might actually be concerning and everyone's still raging that it's 900p.

Edit: Company BS happens ALL the time. Even your favorite companies do it. Sony raised the price of the PS4 in Canada just for the Hell of it! Warner bros refused to patch Arkham Origins and kept working on DLC! All Ubisoft did was lower the resolution of a game.

But I didn't see ANYONE crying "PlaystationNation" And acting all self entitled to the first two. The only time you resolution obsessed maniacs come together is when a games graphics are involved!

DragonKnight1407d ago

No one is raging that it's 900p. Everyone is raging at WHY it's 900p.

Baka-akaB1407d ago

Concerning ? that's good news when added to the rest . Last thing i wanted was a ridiculously easy game involving mashing counters and attacks for fighting , and too lenient and automatic climbing and grabs .

I also welcome the addition of an actual stealth button . I longed for something more along the line of at least AC1 for challenge , with the awesome vibe and quality of AC2 ... and so far it's sounding close

nucky641407d ago

I wonder how long before someone else at ubi comes out and says: "I can see how vincents comments were misunderstood".....LMAO

TheUpbringer1407d ago

I would assume so. The automatic ascend/descend mechanic will be a little weird, but so long as it increases my deadly onslaught to be more fluid, then I'm fine.

George Sears1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

Yeah, at least we won't have that awkward jumping up on a random wall when running. This simple new mechanic will make the game a lot more fluid.

Dawknight3161407d ago

-_- If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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