PS4 Firmware 2.0 is 'just around the corner'

Sony’s Fred Dutton has teased that PlayStation 4’s much anticipated Firmware 2.0 update is “just around the corner.”

Speaking on the PlayStation Blog, Dutton wouldn’t be drawn into commenting on any new hardware features in the pipeline for PS4, but indicated the next update will drop soon.

"I can't comment on new hardware features today, other than to say that [updates] are always in the works – as previously announced there's a big PS4 update just round the corner that we'll be talking more about soon,” he said.

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GarrusVakarian1291d ago

This is the one that will bring direct-to-YouTube uploads, and a dedicated YouTube app, right? I hope so. It's a pain in the arse to keep having to put my The Last of Us MP gameplay on a stick and transfer it to my PC.

joeyisback1291d ago

yep it will bring youtube uploading to the PS4 i dislike having to use usb stick to transfer to my pc i also hope it allows you to do it without the share factory themes i always have to go in custom it to remove the themes

Ballsack1291d ago


Mp3 playback

Custom themes

Media Streaming

Sony have had nearly a year to implement this, lets hope 2.0 doesn't disappoint

Moe-Gunz1291d ago

You are able to remove the themes before exporting to the gallery

ShinMaster1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

@ Ballsack

They did not confirm MP3 playback or suspend/resume.
You're only setting yourself up for disappointment.

That's why I only look forward to what HAS been confirmed for this update.

Outsider-G1291d ago

Yeah, that's the one and also Share Play :)

midnight_231291d ago

What is share play again?

BitbyDeath1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

Share Play lets you remotely share your games with your friends.

The downside with it though -

1. You can't use your PS4 while they are remoted in.
2. The connection expires after 1 hour forcing people to have to reconnect. (Likely so someone can't just set it up and leave on holidays)

Thehyph1291d ago

You're really getting your dollar's worth out of that one, aren't you?

It feels like every time I see you online that's the only game you play. :p

GarrusVakarian1291d ago

Ha, yeah, it's the only game I've bought this gen that I haven't traded in. Needless to say, I'm glad I decided to give the MP another try on PS4. It's a great MP.

SilentNegotiator1291d ago

We are going to see a HUGE increase in PS4 gameplay videos on Youtube. I almost worry that this will bring the bar a notch too low and bring in a lot of riff raff.

OT: Are the new PS+ games up on PSN yet? I checked a half hour ago and it was still Velocity and Sports Friends.

Skate-AK1291d ago

Probably will be another 7-8 hours until the store updates.

SilentNegotiator1291d ago

Oh, I didn't realize it usually updated so late. Thanks.

fr0sty1291d ago

I usually notice them update around 6pm central US time.

isa_scout1291d ago

You can download Dust and Spelunky for free on PSN now. Though, DriveClub ps+ edition isn't available yet as they haven't updated the ps plus section. Just go to new games and you'll see Dust and Spelunky... They both have a price but when you click them they're available for free through plus.

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Muzikguy1291d ago

"There's a big update just around the corner"

Might not even be 2.0. I'm not hyping updates anymore I'll just see them when they get here. Yes I heard 2.0 was supposed to be before DC, but I hear a lot of things. Confirmed or not confirmed, words can't always be trusted. I hope 2.0 is coming soon and brings great things!

Pogmathoin1291d ago

Not trolling or being a smart ass, just an old school gamer, but I watch my son always looking at Minecraft gameplay on Ipad. What is the big thing about uploading gameplay on Youtube. I understand it to see your own clips on your own device, but to upload it.... Whats the deal with it?

GarrusVakarian1291d ago

I just sometimes like to watch others play a game. Usually to help me decide on whether to buy it or not, or when I'm bored but can't be bothered to play anything myself.

I upload my own gameplay to share on NeoGAF and between friends.

metalmatters1291d ago

I hope the delays have been because they are optimizing the suspend/resume feature. Ill keep my fingers crossed

nunley331291d ago

I bet it's out in time for PlayStation TV which is a week away. This update will be the biggest since the day one update,exciting stuff.

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MrSwankSinatra1291d ago

what exactly does that mean though? Next week? Next Month? Next YEAR!?

MRMagoo1231291d ago

Just a vague time frame I guess because ppl like to complain about delays so they don't want to give a date too early I guess.


Hey Lukas add me up on ps4 for some LOU mp, I like to play with dedicated team players, my ID is SINISTER_GENESIS 😃

GarrusVakarian1291d ago

^^^ It's best that you add me. I'll 100% definitely forget to do it. Lol.

ToastyMcNibbles1291d ago

If I had to guess I would say next month for the 1 year anniversary of the PS4 launch.

Yetter1291d ago

and still no suspend/resume feature, and that was announced at the initial console reveal in Feb 2013

Gamer19821291d ago

Yeah looking forward to themes myself..

98xpresent1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

I can't wait !! I'm lookin forward to the custom themes

Bigpappy1291d ago

Lol. This corner seems at least 130 miles long.