BleacherReport - NBA 2K15 Review

Posted by Brian Mazique

"NBA 2K15 offers the deepest and complete virtual hoops experience ever. Mind you, the servers weren't being taxed when this evaluation was written, but online issues is the only thing that can derail this title.

Rarely does a game with so much hype deliver the way NBA 2K15 does. It's truly a crowning achievement and one of the best video games I've ever played. This is an absolute must-have."

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MrChicagoWind1382d ago

Nice. I really wish these types of yearly games would offer a $20-$30 upgrade option if you purchased the previous year. $65 bucks every year for a very similar game just isn't part of my routine ... but I guess people keep giving them money.

SIMOIKIE1382d ago

Of course they do... 2k is a bad example for that cause it's a must buy every year best damn sports game period.

Highlife1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

I would have argued nhl with you as best sports title but not after this years featureless title.

tgunzz1382d ago

2k15 is a fantastic game! I'm loving it. Game on.