DriveClub Review - Driveclub is fast, finicky, and difficult - VentureBeat

VentureBeat writes : "The PlayStation platform has always hosted tremendous driving games, and Driveclub tries hard to live up to that legacy. The parts that are exceedingly well-polished (gorgeous cars, skill-based driving) make those that trip up (ugly A.I.) all the more disappointing. It sets a high bar for the inevitable competitors to follow, but like an inexperienced driver on a hot lap in a solo challenge, it’s sloppy in the turns."

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MRMagoo1231408d ago

Nice another great review , it's looking more and more like the below 7 scores are sites looking for hits.

crazytown991408d ago

Or they just didn't like it as much. It's possible.

Xsilver1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

one site said a negative is that is isn't open world :/ like wahhhhh everybody know they are open world racers and corridor racers you don't I've a game a lower score for that.

Neonridr1407d ago

7.5 seems to be the average..

Death1407d ago

7.5-8.0 Some of the reviews are just plain off the wall. The extremes are comical with some reviewers wearing rose colored glasses and others that are simply blind.

Neonridr1407d ago

@Death - yeah, well reviews are always meant to be taken with a grain of salt anyways. I mean nobody can really tell you if you will enjoy a game, only you can.

Having the PS+ version to be able to try for free will be a great measuring stick to see if I want to purchase the game or not. Brilliant idea.

DragoonsScaleLegends1407d ago

Or they just suck at the game lol.

Scar-1407d ago

This is what I think alot of the low scores are coming from I heard some wild complaints about the A.I. most where laughable.

methegreatone1407d ago

Or maybe they just didn't like it. Some sites scored it lower because of the 'soulless singleplayer'. That maybe true - maybe the reviewer was just a bit more focused on the progression, the online, and the variety of the game rather than the visuals and core driving experience.
Don't make assumptions like that, makes you look like a fanboy :P

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Fkhalf161407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

Just started playing the game, Im having De Ja Vu atm, It reminds me of Ridge racer, havn't touch Ridge Racer since the PS1 days but with GT a bit on top it. Love it. Happy gaming everybody.

rainslacker1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

Would you say it's like the original RR, or the newer ones of last gen? I loved the originals, but have been disappointed in the series for a long while now.:(

Edit: Guess you meant the originals since you say you haven't touched it since the PS1 days. Those were awesome back in the day.

Kiddcarter1407d ago

Everyone has their own opinion, some will love it, some will hate it, either way if you have ps+ you can download the game today and form your own opinion on it