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Play.Front writes : "The graphics are great, the races are challenging and fun. "

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FsterThnFTL1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

Another Playstation fan site.

G20WLY1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

What's wrong with you? Did you not know peoples' opinions can differ from one another?

Incidentally, this review is scored at 9.5 (not 9) out of 10.

Looking at the scores so far (and - shock! - reading the words), I'd say this is commonly perceived as a 7/10, which is pretty good.

I'll be playing the hell out of this very soon (on Plus) before deciding (all on my own!) whether I want to buy the full version! ;^)

FsterThnFTL1166d ago

I never said it is a bad game (looks like a solid 7.5 kind of game) but I have noticed a much higher average score for DriveClub from sites that have a "Playstation Theme" about them.

Naga1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

FasterThanFTL is right. I was noticing the same things. The Playstation-centric sites laud the game's accomplishments whereas the more mainstream, multiplatform sites are slamming it rather hard.

Part of me thought it was fanboyism, but then it occurred to me that within the PS4 gaming ecosystem, DC is still at the top of the racing food chain. So it makes sense that the Playstation fan sites would rate it higher than the others.

-Foxtrot1166d ago


Ever though it's because they don't compare it to Forza like every other site has, despite this being a brand new IP.

GodGinrai1166d ago

"Did you not know peoples' opinions can differ from one another?"

sure they can...but are you honestly going to act like it isnt a bit suspect that the PS sites are giving it high scores while everybody else is struggling to give it more than a 7?

opinions can differ, sure. But when all the sites giving it highscores are themed after the console they cover...take with salt?

darren_poolies1166d ago


Xbox sites do the exact same thing.

SoapShoes1166d ago

Uhhh dude there are several non PS sites that gave it high scores. GameTrailers, Examiner, IGN, etc. F you fanboys. Every Xbox fan is coming out of the woodwork to trash this game... I hate you all.

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SniperControl1166d ago

I dare you to go look at the FH2 reviews, you'll find they include Xbox fan sites as well, that's just the way it is.

aviator1891166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

These are all opinions and I have nothing against them.

But the xbox sites actually gave forza horizon 2 lower scores than a ton of the 9s and higher scores it got from other non-xbox sites.

Ex: totalxbox: 80
xboxachievments: 85

Again, I'm not arguing with these ps site reviews for driveclub. Just trying to argue any points others may have that xbox sites are also positively biased towards xbox games.

But whatever, I expect I'll receive a fair amount of disagrees over what I said here.

Patrick_pk441166d ago

Don't forget Titanfall. The majority of the reviewers were advertising it out the ass.

SuperLupe1166d ago

LOL beat me to it.

Funny how ALL the good scores are coming from Playstation sites only.

Wonder why.

MRMagoo1231166d ago

Are they ? Because so far 4 are from sites with nothing to do with Sony. Nice try down playing it tho.

Neonridr1166d ago

well you had to figure a Playstation fan site would eventually review a Playstation game right??

... only a matter of time :P

Spotie1166d ago

Holy crap. How is it that you can troll as completely and constantly as you do?

The game is exactly what it was meant to be. Some people see this. Some people see "not Forza" and give it no chance. All these clowns talking about how they called the low scores are at the same time disqualifying the high ones. It's the sort of hypocritical stupidity that seems to come natural to Xbox fans.

Even funnier is how their only reason for being here is to try to invalidate the score, while they complain about this "Sony fanboy run site" being full of people who supposedly do that in Xbox articles, and say no one on their side does it.

All these same folks in the 5/10 articles, confirming those scores. But not one of them has ever expressed an interest beyond bashing the game, anyway. But us Playstation fans are the hypocrites, right?


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