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Back in February of 2013, Evolution Studios introduced their newest IP, DRIVECLUB. The PlayStation 4 launched later that year, but the game was then delayed for nearly a year due to it needing further development. Here we are on the day that DRIVECLUB launches and I am pleased to report that it is an enthralling, enjoyable and gorgeous experience for any racing gamer to enjoy.

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amnalehu1413d ago

Driveclub is fun, easy to get into and a joy to look at. The physics was what I was most worried about but they seem to have nailed that as well.

MRMagoo1231413d ago

Yeh it's getting some great scores looking like an 8 overall perhaps maybe 7.5 all up depending on how many looking for hits reviews there are left. Great game and worth the purchase.

monkeyDzoro1413d ago ShowReplies(2)
spicelicka1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

This game has insane graphics, i haven't played it yet, but it does look awesome at least.

I only have an XB1 so I'll only get to play Forza horizon 2, but i would love to try this on my friends PS4.

Mann the fanboy battle in all these articles is hilarious, both console fanboys do the exact same things and act like only the other party is doing it. It's so pathetic watching them attack and defend each other.

Ryan7411413d ago

Who is this Examiner? Not familiar with their work.

JoGam1413d ago

Dude where have you been?

Master-H1413d ago

Of course you're not, since they're a site that gave a game you're trying to desperately downplay a good score lol

rainslacker1413d ago

A site that is usually rather critical of Sony TBH. Otherwise, they've been around for a while and mostly operate by flamebaitting for hits.

Remy_Chaos1413d ago

Looking good, getting scores I expected, but critic reviews are only half of it. User reviews matter as well. Regardless though it seems it will be a solid foundation for future titles. Haters beware, Driveclub 2 will be a force to be reckon with.

methegreatone1413d ago

True, if they can fix what they apparently got wrong with the singleplayer, the variety and so on, it should please just about everyone.
From what I can tell, the presentation and the core driving experience look brilliant.